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Good. Everything else would mean a very inefficient room layout.


My chair doesn´t have wheels for nothing and it also doesn´t have wheels that are designed to drive much of a distance. So it works perfect like that! :+1:


Back to normal:


Here is the ultimate rowing machine setup… (scary as hell):


That reminds me of something that I don’t think I’ll post on here…



It made me think of a trap from the Saw movies (especially with the video screen and it being in this dirty surrounding) but now I´m intrigued…


It made me think of a certain scene in Burn After Reading :flushed:

Probably influenced by the fact I’ve been gazing at watching George Clooney every evening, though.

Sorry, hijacking the sport thread!


RUN sports thread! RUN!


Don’t forget to read Tim’s thread to check out why there is a CRT in the first place and to learn he has already upgraded to current technology.


I think Tim is still trapped down there:

Best case is somebody build him an escape room for Christmas…

worst case:


Music box playing out of of nowhere?

Yeah, this is bad. I just know what is gonna happen next.



Do we have a rowing machine topic around here? This classic one is mine:

The keen-eyed may have spotted some matrix printer paper in the bottom left of the picture.


Not that I’m aware of. That’s very retro :wink:


I’d say it’s slightly closer to the real thing than a modern flywheel, but I think it doesn’t measure force.


The ass part looks like it was made from the sort of chairs we had at school.


That’s a run of the mill rowing seat. :wink:


I thought the same! :joy:


Yup, definitely a lot more like the real thing. You can shop for seats here. This particular one is a 280 mm model.


The difference with an ergometer is that the latter measures your force (also in nice graphs) in a rowing-like motion, while this machine is purely for training in a more realistic manner.

Since you don’t simulate the oar twist for putting it in and taking it out of the water it falls short of being a full simulation, but you’re actually pulling on more or less lifelike oars instead of a little static stick.

Also the way the seats work on better ergometers can be more like being on a real skiff balance-wise.


Exactly my thoughts!

I have seen some people trying to simulate something when returning to the starting position: They make awkward arm movements navigating around their knees…


I guess they would be “simulating” not knowing how to row or use an ergometer. :wink: