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Personally, I’m more in favour of the sea. Lying on the beach with a good book as companion would suit me just fine. Unfortunately, mountains are much closer than the sea, so for a weekend trip, mountains it is.

That had been the great thing when I lived in the States; just an hour’s drive to the pacific. (We used to drive half an hour in our lunch break to grab a cup of coffee from a shabby booth in the next town, so an hour to the sea could still be considered very close). Sure, you’d freeze to death if you’d tried to go swimming, but nevertheless it was great to listen to the sound of the waves, seagulls, and to let the dog run, drink saltwater and vomit into the car on the way back (first time, only).


No way! When I go to the beach, IT’S SAND CASTLES TIME!

Heck, I’m happy I have children now because I have an excuse :laughing: adults making sand castles look silly unless it’s for the children (or a competition).


What?!? It’s art!


The art of Sand’n’Build adventure!



I’m traveling to NYC soon and want to ask about game related sights. Do you know any?



I haven’t been yet, but there’s a place called Barcade on 24th Street in Chelsea that’s supposed to be fun.

I would have recommended the Korova Milkbar but sadly that closed a few years back.


So they expanded from their London branch?


Apparently so, but then the droogs moved their shop from the East Village up to Westchester. So it’s a bit too far for me now.


I try to check it out. Thanks!


Today I traveled back 21 years and 2 months (and I guess a couple of days) back in time!

The year is 1997
The place is Cairo!

(click to enlarge)

  1. I have no idea, what I´m holding there!
  2. Seems I used to be @Guga!
  3. Not pictured: yellow crayon.


I wish I had that hairline.


Definitely Iceland for winter holidays! <3 It’s almost a year since I’ve made my trip there and can’t wait to go back there since then…


I loved Iceland :heart_eyes: I have a great pic from there - I’ll try and dig it out…


It looks like a small image, photo or diapositive of the Sphinx behind you, like you’re now in the exact same place of the picture you’ve dreamed of!

How cold is it there?


It could be a ticket. It might have been that it was for an fenced off area. It is a cropped version and my mum and my brother are also on it holding theirs up. It might have been that we constantly had to show this to people so we were mocking that in the picture. :man_shrugging:

I didn´t find any strange drawings on the foot. But I also didn´t look much get much closer than on that pic.


How cold is it there?

It’s not cold! Max 0 degrees Celcius in the winter but on the other hand max 20 degrees Celcius in the summer - so not that hot either.

During my stay it varied from -2 to +5 degrees even. Of course the wind makes it feel a bit more colder, but overalll it’s not that cold as one might think.


I found it freeeeezing, but then we went on the edge of snow season. Plus the hotel whacked up their heating, so it felt so much colder outside. I remember leaving my coat, hat and scarf to the last minute before legging it out the door each day :smile:


I´d love to travel to an upnorth country someday. Beaches bore me. Been to beaches all my life(even though last time is almost 20 years back).