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If you did that I don’t think I’d respect anyone more.


Hey, basically I´m a land monkey already and that guy on the left doesn´t look too much different to what I looked like this past summer. :grin:


This picture is still giving me ideas…


Arthur stood frozen as he beheld the Lady of the Lake rising from the water.
Suddenly he stopped in his tracks when he saw what she held in her hands.
“What?” the Lady exclaimed in response to Arthur´s puzzled look.
“Oh…nothing” Arthur mumbled shyly.
“What is it?”
“Oh, it´s just that thing it looks like a…”
“Why of course past and future King! It is a red felt pen to aid you in your litarary endeavours!”
“Oh, I just thought…well never mind!”
“What is it?”
“I just expected something more like a sword or something”
“What would you need with a sword? Satisfy your brutish violent fantasies?”
“Isn´t a king supposed to have a sword or something to rule over his people?”
“Haven´t you heard the expression the feather is mighter than the sword?”
“Sure wouldn´t want to try that out!”
"Are you taking it now or not?
“Okay okay” with that Arthur took the red felt pen from the Lady´s hands and put it in his satchel.
“Now go forth King Arthur! So you can write down your story and be able to correct all them grammar mistakes and typos! For being able to erase the mistakes of the past means to clear the path for the future!”
And thus the Lady vanished in the lake again.
(Lancelot is going to laugh at me again) Arthur thought silently to himself making for his way back to Camelot.


Haha, brilliant :smile: that’s obviously how the real legend goes.








So I wonder who’s been to the most countries? At my last count I’ve been to 31 apparently!


Can’t compete with that. A quick count goes to 15. If all goes according to plan, #16 will be added in December.


Ooh where you going?



Hmm, how many have I been to? Let’s see… umm…

Also I’ve never been outside Europe before.


Czech Republic
Greece (+ short trip to turkey)
Italy (driving through switzerland)
Spain (not continental)
England (driving through belgium)

Think that`s it.


Hey me too! :slight_smile:


For me:

Slovakia (a one-day trip to Bratislava during my stay in Vienna)


Well, you certainly travel more frequently and probably have been away much more often and longer than me in any case!


Sounds like you’ve covered Europe fairly well though :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re thinking of going to Austria next year - let me know if any recommendations (both of you)!


On a yearly basis, probably not. I’ve just realised that I visited all of those places during my Year Abroad - and since then I’ve only been back to France, Germany and Italy.


Get this. Last time I´ve been to any country other than austria was almost 17 years ago.




I know… :violin:


Taiwan. We haven’t booked the flight yet, so it might not happen after all.

So you found the best vacation spot in the world? :slight_smile: