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Count me in. The farthest north I got so far was southern Denmark. Though I’d prefer to travel in the warmer season. While 0°C isn’t cold compared to some really cold places, there’s also the issue of shorter days during winter, meaning less time to take in the sights.


Yeah, that’s becoming a worldwide trend I guess. Their motto is: outside freezing, inside sweating. I think they’re controlled by the napkins producers cartel.


Yeah, ‘keep the tourists warm!’


But when can I watch all those groovy pagan rituals?


The farthest north I got is Stockholm. The highest point is half the Monte Rosa in the Alps (I guess about 2900 meters).
Hurry up guys before global warming forces you to spend vacations exclusively on beaches :sweat_smile:!


The northest and southest points I have visited:

Am considering to move somewhere that has more sun and warmth, at least some of the year.


Most northern for me has to be Bladon, Oxfordshire.
Most southern Hurghada on the egyptian coast of the red sea.


I’ve been from Santo Domingo,DR to Liverpool. Wish I had the time and money to travel more. I’d love to go to Norway and see some Stave churches, and also to Germany at least once.


Found it!


It’s not my most attractive photo but I still like it :smile:

This is me in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland. It’s a giant hot spring. It was amazing. I remember just standing there for a moment, looking at the surrounding desolate fields and taking in such a still, eerie silence. Very surreal. My feet kept getting stuck in the mud but it was quite nice.


Nice! Your eyes match well with the color of the water. Did someone use a waterproof camera to take such a shot?


Haha, oh yeah!

I’m struggling to remember, but I think my hubby took it extremely precariously with his non-waterproof digital SLR!

Edit: nope, apparently this was before he owned a digital SLR so it was just a compact (and probably explains why he was okay about taking it into the water!) But still a good photo - he’s pretty good at taking nice shots.




Looks mesmerising! Like the apparition of a magical water sprite!


Haha :grin: I’ve always thought I should live in the water. I feel much more at home there than on land.


Jacopo Fo, son of the actor and playwright Dario Fo, in his book “The real history of the world” tells about an interesting theory.
Primitive women spent most of their time in water, after giving birth to a child and breastfeeding, to be in a protected place, thus developing some of their distinctive body characteristics.
(Note there’s little proof for it in text below, more a funny collection of things he brings to support this idea, but I always found it an interesting one, and he says he got this idea from a book from Mrs. Elaine Morgan, an English journalist in turn a supporter of the aquatic apes hypothesis proposed by the marine biologist sir Alister Hardy).

Why do women have tits?

(translation by Google)
Why do women have tits?
How come monkeys lost their hair and became human?
This may seem like a stupid question to you. Instead, such a superficial question has very profound implications. First of all, one thing is undeniable: tits exist but only women have them. “Idiot”, you say, “it is clear that men do not have them, since they are not nursing”. Indisputable but not applicable.
Saying that women are the only ones to have tits, I meant to say that they are the only mammals to have tits. No, the other mammals do not have boobs. They have nipples, yes. They have mammary glands, yes. They are nursing, yes.
But we are serious, you will not tell me that cows have tits and even those of monkeys can be defined as “tits”. When I say boobs I say boobs. That is, the curvilinear protuberance, softly padded, swaying, transpiring, full, soft, alluring. Tits, in short. So where do they come from? Why do only women have them?
Seize the sense of the question?
Well, the historiography and the parapons of all the world’s mega-universities have not yet managed to tell us where these biological realities come from. The positions are currently two. On the one hand, some scientists argue that there is no reason to worry about the fact that women have tits, there is no danger that they explode, they are not infectious and they do not bite. The other side of the luminaries goes further. Women have tits because men like tits.
And please think about this second position. It overcomes the age-old problem: “the egg or the hen was born first” … That is: men already liked tits before women had them. Precognition? Embryo desire? Telekinesis? Penis envy?
Maybe it turns out that tits are a pre-stressed biological ideal, inherent in the DNA archetypes already present in the protomammals. The animal species, all, have as their final goal, as an evolutionary purpose, the tits. Even female dogs wanted tits to grow up because they know that male dogs love them, only they have not succeeded.
Instead, women have reached the finish line.
Well, do not exaggerate, beloved readers, in fact the pupae are not the only ones to be equipped with ‘sprung pads’.
Yeah, the truth is that even the sirens have them. No, not the legendary Hollywood sirens: there are species of marine walruses that have similar tits (the manatees).
It seems that from these beings seal-like beings the ancient sailors, obscured by themselves and abstinence, have drawn the idea of ​​the mythical sirens.
Following this track we discover a series of interesting things.
Women, and even men, are the only land mammals to have a number of things in common with aquatic mammals.

  1. Breasts - in some cases.
  2. Absence of fur.
  3. Abundant layer of subcutaneous fat.
  4. Saline ocular tears.
  5. Siphon nose (water does not enter into immersion).
  6. Fleshy lips (also padded to obtain an airtight seal
    of the mouth).
  7. Voluntary regulation of breathing.

There will be a reason if this is the case? Nature does everything for a specific reason and does not waste its talents; for example, he does not give the typewriters to the elephants because he knows they would break them.
So what does this information suggest to us?
That humanity has spent a few million years on the banks of a warm sea, passing in water most of the time (our ancestors monkeys did not live in water like fish, but they spent several hours a day, both because they were safe both because it was hot bestial).
In this period humanity would have completed that complex evolution from ape to man.
I know that you know exactly who is the link between the man and the monkey and that if I come to see you you can also introduce me … but I guarantee that from a certain point of view the problem is more complex.
In fact, you will have read in the newspapers, in recent years, a constant squabbling of scholars who are competing for the distinction of having found this blessed ring of conjunction. The problem is right there. In reality it gropes in the dark. Up to a certain point it’s a monkey then, after a mysterious trak! the man appears.
Simple. Humanity has moved to the seashore and there the bones are not preserved.
Elementary! It explains everything. It also explains tits. The women were in the water, they needed an adipose layer to thermally insulate the mammary glands from temperature changes. And they served beautiful elastic so that the newborn could suck the milk in water without drinking the whole ocean.
It also explains why our lips are hermetically sealed. If you keep your mouth closed underwater, it will not enter your mouth. Try to make a dog do that, even for a while.
One last problem remains. Why has humanity entered the water?
Now try to imagine being on a beautiful tree in the virgin forest, in a couple of million years a hot hangman breaks out and the apricot trees dry up.
So you and your pack decide to move in search of some fresh and cherries. Along the way a tigers of tigers assail you. You are on the seashore. What are you doing? But heck! You throw yourself in the water, right?
Standing (you are four-legged but like all monkeys you can stand upright) you can get much further than a tiger, which is immediately not to touch. So you save your skin because tigers are not good at swimming and fighting at the same time.
Well. All clear, no !?
Isn’t it brilliant?!?
I wonder how the big heads in the chair have not already understood. And look, it’s not a thought that came to me in the last ten minutes. It’s not even my idea. I read it on a book. It’s from a Mrs. Elaine Morgan, an English journalist.
Well documented.



makes hasty cuthroat gestures




I think it maybe goes back to being in the womb, too. Although I like travelling, I’m quite a ‘homey’ person.

I keep missing posts with this new mobile tweak.


I’ve always thought of that too.

Then you’re more the stilt house kind of woman! :smile:


Hell yeah, water is absolutely my element too!

In the 90s I wanted to either live on that trash atoll from Waterworld or the village of Watermia in Illusion of Gaia/Time


Or, you know, just be a japanese snow monkey.