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Probably, especially if we include Canadian provinces too :wink: Ahh, Canada… :maple_leaf: :heart:


That’s not just sex! I’m in love with her! Too bad sometimes I have the feeling she cheats on me… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s definitely on my bucket list, and in general it sounds like a nice place to be, at least in summer time :slight_smile:.


That makes me think: how many would those be if we counted the EU as a single nation?

:eu::switzerland::liechtenstein::tr::egypt::united_arab_emirates::israel::jordan::oman::tunisia: and :uk: if we consider Brexit. It’s 10 or 11.

I don’t know where I had sex, but I know for sure I did not poop outside of Europe since I only went out of it on cruises, so I pooped on the ship.


So maybe you unwittingly pooped onto the ruins of Atlantis, how rude!


Oh my gosh, now please don’t tell this idea to the screenwriters of the upcoming Indy movie.
They could like it!

Now we only miss countries where we scraped our skin and we’ve got the perfect pulp thread!


Or a weird new Voodoo Doll recipe.


I’ve been to like 30 states so there’s a good chance I might catch up or even surpass.


Well, not me then. :wink:

Without bothering to make a precise count atm, twelve to fifteenish in Europe and one in America.

Also the exact count differs slightly depending on whether you count actually having been there or also something like a layover at Zürich Airport.

Hm, in that case I could separate out England[1] and Scotland as well as most of Germany and a bunch of American states. :slight_smile:

[1] Several Heathrow terminals.


I think it’s my favourite country outside England :slightly_smiling_face: I spent two and half months travelling round it after uni and it’s so versatile - the Rockies in winter, Toronto in the Summer, Stanley Park in the Spring… And the people are soooo friendly. I highly recommend it - only problem is choosing where to visit!


Seems they’ve got a hell of a climate, too! :smile:


I went back there another time :stuck_out_tongue:


You just drive a little further up north to enter winter. :wink:


Since many here are posting flags I’ve looked up the flags of the U.S. states and territories.
I have to admit I have never seen them before, not even the Hawaiian one.


That’s my problem too. Seems to only happen when I’m blacked out.


Except we also post the occasional picture on this thread!

Oh, and I’ve been to the Vatican too. Which is a state, not a country - but I digress. The takeaway message is I did NOT have sex there! :smile:


What’s the difference?


Alabama, for instance, is a state. But it isn’t a Country, since it is part of the USA.
Isn’t Vatican a Country? Why? I thought it was.


If you put it that way, then Vatican is a Country, it is sovereign and it’s widely recognized.

This is confusing. What are, like, Bermuda and Gibraltar? Are they States but not Countries? Are they Countries but not States?

What are Nations then?

Will Sardinia ever be independent?


So you want pictures, huh?!