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I was going to complain that no-one will ever visit Finland, but then I checked Ema’s list of countries to poop in with women, and there it was!

At 5 am in Venice airport I was wondering for a sec as the display said I was going to Monaco, but I was aiming for München/Munich. I did end up in Germany.



München = German
Munich = French/English
Monaco = Italian
click clack = Xhosa (I´m kidding!)


Isn’t that “Monique”?




München = Finnish.

I’m using this space to tell, that in Germany I have had just a layover in München, but have spend couple of weeks in Mannheim/Ludwigshafen, Frankfurt, Hockenheim, Heidelberg and Neustadt an der Weinstraße.


I was always bothered by the fact that in Italy Munich is called “Monaco”, since nobody else in the world calls that city like that, and we just create confusion. In Italian the official name of the town is “Monaco di Baviera” in order to distinguish from Monaco (Monte-Carlo).
This thread was the occasion for me to search Wikipedia for the origin of the names. I couldn’t discover it precisely, but the italian “monaco” for Munich is derived from its latin name “monacum”, which means “monk”, just as like the italian “monaco”

I only discovered a fun fact:

  • Francesco Grimaldi in 1297 entered in the city disguised as a monk, and then he conquered the fortress.
  • The coat-of-arms of Munich depicts a monk.

I don’t have evidence, but maybe this explains somehow the name of the two towns? In this case It would be the same name, meaning “monk”. Do you know if I am right or whatever?


I´m pretty sure you a correct with the Monk.



I haven’t either during the time I spent there, though maybe they were around and I just did not pay attention. Then again, I’d be hard pressed to describe the flag of any German state. I know there are signs along the Autobahn when crossing state borders, but at 180km/h they’re just a blur :slight_smile:.

I like that. Places should be addressed by their native names to avoid unnecessary confusion. Although that would have to be something like “Minga” in that case.


Without checking, I think California has a bear on it, right?

I might be able to tell Bavaria, Berlin, North-Rhine Wesphalia and Hesse. Maybe because they all depict animals?

I´ve also seen those for Salzburg and Upper-Austria countless times and don´t remember them!

Judging by the estimated number of people who live there who actually say it like that, I don´t think that would be neccessary. :slight_smile:


Arto, your country is fantastic. It has been one of the best trips in my life. I remember the fantastic climate (in August). The elks and the reindeers. The mosquitoes. Sauna! The Lapland villages. The long gravel roads. The smell. The wooden house in the forest and the squirrel who came every day for food (the last day it climbed on me to take it from my hands).

To complete my record I’ll add I did not have sex there (@ideal ) and I pooped about 15 times (@Guga)




Ok, that wasn’t the best part.


A word I apparently tend to mispronounce. :smirk:


Ok guys, now that we have a winner…

could we please do it again in reverse so I have some better chance to win this time? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess I’m going to play this with @tasse-tee and @kaiman

Unfortunately Vatican City increases my score to 9, damn…


Ok, it was a shitty journey :thinking:

Thank you for your kind words. We have extraordinary things here, if viewed from apart.


I’ve just remembered that I’ve been to Jersey, so I’ve got 9 too.


I’m pleased to share my placement with you :grin:

Vatican City :vatican_city:
Switzerland :switzerland:
France :fr:
Greece :greece:
Germany :de:
Denmark :denmark:
Sweden :sweden:
England :uk:
Ireland :ireland:


I was I think 15 and I was with my family so I was supposed not to have sex, and to poop regularly every day.


15? You’re an Italian male. You were suppose to have sex in Finland!


I think you may want @milanfahrnholz instead. Unless we count the EU as 1, that is. Even then I’d be at a disadvantage :frowning:.