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Anyway, who cares? The important thing is if you enjoyed the travel, and if it left something to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to say that I’m not the fast kind of traveller. If I do not spend some amount of time in a place, my memory quickly vanishes. All my trips are quite longer than today standards. It’s like I always feel like homeless, until I settle in some way, like going back to the same places, or meeting people.

Also maybe you know your region and its treasures very well!


I´d lose against @kaiman just for the fact that he knows my place better than I know his!


I guess that is what @ideal was hinting at, and a reason to refrain from listing all the places I’ve been to. Nevertheless, it’s inspiring to see where others have been. There are still three continents I haven’t visited (though I doubt global warming will happen fast enough to make Antarctica a viable holiday destination), not to mention all the European (and future ex-European :disappointed:) countries I haven’t been to.

No worries, unlike in the old town of Regensburg, you cannot get lost in the village I grew up :smile:.


True, people keep bringing up the tiny lanes, which is something I never had a problem with. Guess it helped that I grew up there! :slight_smile:


Yes. Inspiring is the word. After his comment I was about to refrain, too. I know that I travel a lot (both for business and for leisure), and I really didn’t want to give the impression I wanted to show off. But then I thought that was just a party pooper comment (@Someone, your official title is in danger): I didn’t want to show off, I just wanted to remember. as soon as I started to think about my travels, I had such a lot of sweet memories that I thought: “ok, I’m in the game yet”. And now I’d love to listen to your stories about your travels and Gffp’s was a good one. I’d love to hear about my country from a stranger. I’d love to read something about a place I haven’t been, and to write you something about a place you haven’t been. I want to share experiences and travel anecdotes. Remembering in front of a drink with a good friend is one of the most beautiful satisfactions about traveling.


Yes, that’s exactly what’s this thread is for. So please carry on. :slight_smile:

Never! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But it´s always germans, right? :roll_eyes: :wink:


You’ve still got me beat. I only count 7* countries…
8 if you consider Sardinia independent :smirk:

+an extra 27 if I were to count US States (which is only fair geographically, but not as culturally diverse as you fine European folks)

*Special thanks to my wife who is repsonsible for most of my traveling. Otherwise I would probably be down to only 3 countries.


Des is koi Mönch mehr; mittlerweile ist des es Münchner Kindl.


That means dick in Sardinian. Well it’s actually “minca”, but if you say it with a southern accent it sounds like “minga”.

I don’t think any of us were bragging, and I think it was cool to see where people have been and I couldn’t. And I love flags, so that’s why I used them :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, still quite a large amount of travel. Did you travel across the USA for leisure or business?
In our game, visiting Alaska, New York, San Francisco and the Hawaii only count 1, but they are actually 4 completely different experiences.
Oh, how I’d love to visit Alaska…


It’s true! I very nearly wrote Alaska as a country on my list :flushed:


That´s correct!


I used to be in a band, so a lot of those states were from our tour from New York to Texas amd back.

It ends up being quite a few states…
for me to poop on.


What was the name of your band?


I was wondering why it took so long for somebody to…er…triumph! :laughing:


I’ll give you a hint: one of the links I posted in Seven Seconds of Wonder is us.


From your description I gather that you have visited Rovaniemi in Finland, which is in the same level as northern Alaska…


Maybe the culture is similar, but a lot of urban areas in the U.S. still have their own distinct atmosphere. And geographically, it’s so much more spectacular than Europe.


This is true, but wherever you go Starbucks is always the same. :crazy_face: