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Nope :slight_smile:


Less than 24 hours before take off, therefore

Goodbye dear Forum
  Travel takes me round the world
  to return some day

I’ll post pictures, though, when I get the chance.


:+1: we :heart: us some nice :framed_picture: from :airplane: :beach_umbrella:


Especially from the areas which proof that we’re living on a flat earth.


= avoiding air flight?


No, no, there is no need to avoid ‘air’ flights, it’s already sufficient to talk to other passengers, play Tetris, watch movies, have a seat in the middle row, make exercises in the lounge, asking for more to eat and drink, going to the …, flying in todays big airplanes is a different thing and then there is only this tiny shell between you and -54°.


I think we should discuss this.



I don’t think this needs to be discussed (btw. it isn’t round either) but I would be interested in seeing some pictures about the other theory nonetheless. Especially as we have enough time, whilst the sun is moving around earth.


I´m giving you the benefit of deadpan humour right now, everything else I don´t have the nerve for today. See ya!


No worries! I would be stressed as well if I would be needed to play Sierra games.


You mean you were stretched out on the ground? :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a 1m tall pole at the border point with lines indicating the various borders. I stood there with a leg in Germany, one in Belgium, and the rest in the Netherlands.

Fun fact: a couple of meters farther into Netherlands, there’s another pole to signal the highest mainland* country point (322.4 meters above sea level). I always liked how the highest point in Netherlands is basically in another country.

*it was, at the time I went there in 2007. In 2010, the Netherlands Antilles dissolved and got incorporated in the Kingdom of Netherlands, making Mount Scenery, Saba island, the nation’s highest point. If I found funny that the highest point was in another country, imagine how I find it to be on another *beep*ing continent.


Btw. it could be important (@climate change) to not travel too much (like considering your ecological footprint).

I’ve always tried to fly less but stay longer or do something different instead.


This is a noble thought.
I am very sensitive to this issue. I’m the kind of guy who keeps the faucet closed while teeth-brushing.
Though, being aware of climate changes requires an high degree of consciousness which is culture-related. Traveling has an high cultural value, which in my opinion is among the highest values you can find in any leisure activity.
I deeply believe that every person isn’t enough aware of the ecological footprint of their daily activities. Every time you buy some clothes, some food, you turn on your heating system, you open your fridge, you are polluting.
Lots of energy waste and pollution are caused by stupid and lazy daily habits. And more and more lots are caused by reckless shopping. Often we buy the cheapest product, which may have been produced in countries were they don’t have strict energy pollution control rules, or they use forbidden chemicals which poison the waters, and then the items are packaged (plastic wraps are higly polluting) and then shipped all over the world with high consumption of aircrafts, ships and trucks fuel. Often we buy cheaply made products, which break soon and must be substituted with a new item. Often we buy useless stuff, and we throw away old stuff even if it works. Just because it’s old.

The matter is quite wide and complex, and in my opinion doesn’t deserve an off-topic in a thread dedicated to travels.

I can suggest this: travel as much as you can. It will enrich your mind and your soul, and will make you even more aware of the beauties and the issues of our world and our society.

And if you think that you’d better stay home, feel free to stay home. But please keep your heating system low.
And don’t forget to close the faucet while brushing.


Or just turn off your computer and go to sleep.


I’m even more environment-conscious, I save more water by never brushing my teeth!


Don’t even mention showers.


Agreed. I’ve never really understood why people leave it running. It doesn’t take much effort to push the toothpaste down the sink afterwards. And your hands will be minty fresh!

This goes on my list of environmentally related bugbears including people who leave their car engine running while stationary (eliciting glares from me when I walk down the street), and people who chuck their rubbish on the train tracks because ‘it doesn’t count if it’s on the tracks’.


“Wanna see the result of a nglected mouth?”


While it’s important to not be wasteful and try to pass along good habits to our kids, the average person’s actions are miniscule compared to the mass-scale pollution from industries (at least in the USA). I see shows about performers traveling the country in giant busses, along with tons of crew spreading pollution all across the land for the sake of entertainment. Also film crews take over several city blocks with ridiculous amounts of equipment and energy consumption just to get a 10-second shot that you may or may not even notice in their film.

Compared to them I don’t feel so bad.

Save the planet