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Gasp! You wouldn’t! :scream:


My next trip is coming closer. We are going to Bari in October! Yay! Italy again!


Incitement to murder? :reyes: :memo:


I already made that joke. :sob:


Isn’t a joke getting better and better if you repeat it three times? :thinking:


You mean she did?
Also it’s not true unless written down on paper! :reyes: :newspaper: :writing_hand:

Just got back from Linz, Austria. The first afternoon I didn’t really cotton to it, just saw another bland mid-sized European city - fine but sort of wished we’d only taken one night. I took Linz Airport taxi and went to explore the city The next day though I really appreciated the place. The castle museum is excellent and interesting, the cathedral is a big beautiful Gothic monster with fun stained glass, some redone and portraying Austrian folk life from the political perspective of the mid-20th century, pretty medieval quarter, and, if you have kids with you, the cog-driven street car (Postlingerbahn?) across the river up the little mountain (aka hill) to the dragon train through storybook fairyland is a delightful little excursion.
I didn’t like the Ars Electronica museum, thought it came across as caught between being a serious art museum, a serious science museum, and a children’s museum designed for school field trips, not particularly satisfying in any category.
Linz is “doable” in a full day (though I dislike the check off the sites and move on mode of travel, Linz is a satisfying one day visit if that what you’ve got).


Well, times have changed, I guess we can lock this thread now…

Whoa, that’s sad. We should keep it alive somehow.

Yesterday I went to the living room by foot, it took me less than expected and during the walk I could notice some nice pictures on the walls.


I visited the South Side the The Apartment.
I started from the living room Agency, travelled through the DOOR and landed in a wonderful place, surrounded by a floor and a ceiling, with four walls painted by hand. Beautiful place, I want to return there as soon as possible.


I walked almost 2 km to the store and back! :scream:

Along the way I encountered a marvelous mechanical contraption in which you can deposit your house waste.


We are not allowed to walk so far, unless for emergency reasons. One must go to the nearest grocery.

That is the nearest, not counting the baker and butcher at a 100 m or so. Looks like it’s 700-800 m though (never checked before), so 1.6 km.

Similar here: I have to walk 1 km to the next supermarket.

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PS Last week I cycled 2.1 km (i.e., 4.2 km total) to one further away. I’m less sure I can sensibly cross the river but today my peanut butter supply will be done for.


I still do travel because my job is in another town and my job is that kind of a job that must be kept on. Well it’d be nice to run in empty highways, unless they weren’t much more dangerous now with wild animals instead of cars

*** WARING - graphic content

Ouch! :frowning:


it wasn’t rubber-made. And didn’t have a pulley in the middle.
Well, he doesn’t have any “middle” anymore.


Oh my. Now you’ll need a good lawyer to face the Aviary Attorney

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