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Gasp! You wouldn’t! :scream:


My next trip is coming closer. We are going to Bari in October! Yay! Italy again!


Incitement to murder? :reyes: :memo:


I already made that joke. :sob:


Isn’t a joke getting better and better if you repeat it three times? :thinking:


You mean she did?
Also it’s not true unless written down on paper! :reyes: :newspaper: :writing_hand:

Just got back from Linz, Austria. The first afternoon I didn’t really cotton to it, just saw another bland mid-sized European city - fine but sort of wished we’d only taken one night. I took Linz Airport taxi and went to explore the city The next day though I really appreciated the place. The castle museum is excellent and interesting, the cathedral is a big beautiful Gothic monster with fun stained glass, some redone and portraying Austrian folk life from the political perspective of the mid-20th century, pretty medieval quarter, and, if you have kids with you, the cog-driven street car (Postlingerbahn?) across the river up the little mountain (aka hill) to the dragon train through storybook fairyland is a delightful little excursion.
I didn’t like the Ars Electronica museum, thought it came across as caught between being a serious art museum, a serious science museum, and a children’s museum designed for school field trips, not particularly satisfying in any category.
Linz is “doable” in a full day (though I dislike the check off the sites and move on mode of travel, Linz is a satisfying one day visit if that what you’ve got).

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