The sidekick game: which adventure games do you recognize? [GAME OVER]

The game is over, thanks to those who have participated. :slight_smile:

This game was quite different from the previous one (the “quote game”) for reasons that I’ll explain in another post.

Let’s have a look at the answers, first.

The answers

(I remember you that you had to guess the games, not the name of the sidekicks)


Froderick the bat” from “A Vampyre Story”. The name of the character is of course a reference to “Young Frankenstein”. The background graphics of this game were drawn by Bill Tiller, the artist who drew the backgrounds of “Curse of Monkey Island”.


“Spot” from “The Whispered World”.


“Oscar” from the “Syberia” series. I was quite surprised to see that nobody guessed this character, because it’s probably one of the most loved sidekicks in adventure games. When Oscar fullfills its destiny in “Syberia 2”, it’s probably one of the most poetic and mysterious moments in adventure game storytelling.


“Ben the bear” from “Anna’s Quest”.


“Gavin” from “The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle”. Funny short game, you should try it.


“Luther” from “Freddi Fish”.


“Harvey” from “Edna & Harvey”.


“Sparrowson” from “Aviary Attorney”, which is a parody of “Ace Attorney” that uses the beautiful original art of J. J. Grandville.


“Joey Mallone” from the “Blackwell” series. The story of this series has been acclaimed by many players and reviewers, the games also received a few Aggie Awards. Joey and Rosangela (the other protagonist) have become one of the most famous “strange couples” in recent adventure game history.


“Ted E. Bear” from “Bear with me”. This was the only recent game of the list, so I wasn’t expecting it to be guessed by many players.

And the winner is…

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Festarossa ! :trophy:

Congratulations to @Festarossa for his very good score: 7/10!
He was also the only player who provided a substantial quantity of correct answers.

Festarossa wins the game but he doesn’t get the prize because he told me that he already owns “Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse” and he asked me to give the prize to the person who came second.

So the prize goes to @Ignacio ! :gift:

I’ll write him a private message containing the link to download the game. I also want to thank Festarossa for his kind gesture. :slight_smile:

A suggestion to all those people who didn’t participate just because “I only recognized X”: sometimes X can be enough, so the next time just f’ng TRY! :smiley:

I hope that you enjoyed the game. Let me know if you would like to see another similar contest in the following days.


Only played the first one and not till the end so don´t remember much about it.

That´s the one I knew, only because I played the second game, and not till the end.

I love that guy and almost thought it was him. I was introduced to him by the album art of Queen´s final original lineup album Innuendo. And later on in the edition of Don Quixote I read, had some illustrations by him.

How many did @Ignacio guess? Also only one? Would it have been a tie had I submitted mine? Surely that´s not the case.

Hahah, wow, of my one sure-shot, two educated guesses and one wild guess, only the sure-shot panned out.

I am teh suk! :wink:

Congrats to the winners. :slight_smile:

Really? He was nice, but I would prefer other sidekicks. :slight_smile:

I guessed only two, #6 and #9.

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I wanted to share with you a few random thoughts and explain why this game was very different from the previous one.

About the chances of getting the prize, regardless of what has happened in this specific game, nobody has a way to tell how many correct answers have been provided by the players.
You shouldn’t find it strange or unlikely that most players provide just one correct answer. That’s exactly what happened this time, so the chances of getting the prize with just one correct answer were actually pretty high!

About the game itself, it was intentionally much more difficult than the previous one (the “quote game”). That game was focused on Lucas adventure games, which are probably very well known by this specific community of players. On the other hand, this “sidekick game” didn’t have one single Lucas game in it and it’s no surprise that all players correctly recognized Freddi Fish, which is a game by Ron Gilbert.

The more you move away from Lucas and Ron, the higher the chances that the resulting game will be more tough for the users of this forum.

The higher difficulty might also be a consequence of another factor: the answers in this thread suggests that a good percentage of us didn’t play many of the adventure games of the last decade. In other words, the percentage of active and frequent adventure gamers in this forum doesn’t seem to be very high and that made this “sidekick” game more difficult.

I have enjoyed the fact that a more difficult game has created unexpected dynamics. The idea that somebody might win with just one correct answer or even zero answers amuses me. :smiley: So, the next game will probably be just slightly less difficult.

I leave you a little hint about the next game:


Well, I just decided for me that the only way to win was not to play…

On a slightly related and unneccesarily political note, I´m definitly gonna vote next month. I´ve almost abstained this time, had the political situation in my country the same as it was 4 years ago, but unfortunatly it´s not and every vote is important to make a difference and to prevent the worst. So I understand where you´re coming from. End of rant.

Does it involve you visting me in the nightmare you just gave me there?

Let’s say that I don’t suggest coulrophobic people to play the next game.

Hm. That surprises me, because I didn’t find the “sidekick game” difficult. I have recognized 6 games. (I’ve bought Anna’s Quest but I haven’t played it yet - so I own 7 of your games.) I haven’t attended to the game, because I own BS5 already. :slight_smile:

btw: I own some less known adventure games - if you would like to make the games more difficult… :wink:

The only reason I recognized the Freddi Fish one was because of the distinctive art style that was quite prominently featured on box art. Even then, had the game been advertised less, I might not have recognized it anyway.

That being said, your assessment that many of us haven’t played many adventure games in the last decade is right on the mark in my case. Back in the golden age of adventure games, Sierra and LucasArts were the big names when it came to adventure games. Just knowing a game was made by one of the two companies was a pretty good indication of what could be expected out of any particular game. With LucasArts in particular, I could buy any one of their adventure games and know I’d have a good time with it, even if I didn’t know what it was going to be about. Sierra was a bit spotty in that regard, but generally the same principle held true, particularly within their various game series.

I don’t tend to jump into new games without some form of recommendation, and in the past two decades point-and-click adventure games haven’t gotten nearly the exposure that they used to. Since I like several different types of games, it’s easy to be exposed to coverage for other sorts of games I like, which makes it harder to make the deliberate effort to seek out point-and-click adventure games.

Ultimately, that’s why Broken Age and Thimbleweed Park ended up in my library where other recent adventure games didn’t. Both were from Lucarts veterans, making them something of a known quantity, and that fact also got them more press coverage than they might have otherwise received. I’m open to trying adventure games from other developers, but first I need to be aware that they exist, and second I need a decent review or recommendation. Since I already have such a huge backlog of games in various genres, I haven’t had much incentive to seek out more games to toss on the pile, which unfortunately puts adventure games at a disadvantage.

Having a look at the correct answers, I would say that the game definitely resulted more difficult. It’s not just about the quantity of games guessed, it’s also about the quantity of answers provided: the average is way lower than the one observed on the previous game.

Less known games would be interesting to add to the mix. :slight_smile: I’m trying to start from a characteristic (it was “sidekicks” this time) and search for PnC adventure games that have that characteristic. For example, do some of the less known adventure games that you have include a sidekick?

I understand that. For me it’s different because I play mainly adventure games and I invest in this genre all the time necessary to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. Reading reviews, news and awards on AdventureGamers is usually enough to find games that I would enjoy playing. Metacritic scores and Steam reviews also help.

Yes. Here are three examples. They are “easy” because the games are “new” (the releases were in the last years). The third example is an exception, because I can’t remember if he was a sidekick or one of the heroes. :slight_smile:

  1. example:
  2. example:
  3. example:

Can you name the games? :slight_smile:

A wild guess, based on color palette only, I’d say that 1) is Dropsy?

Correct :slight_smile:

That and the fact both the dog and the main character look as if they just went Hannibal Lector on someone…
Never played that game though (I know it is rather the opposite)

Yes, the game is a little bit “odd” and not for everyone.

The first two yes (one has been already mentioned, I’ll not mention the second one because it will be in a following game :stuck_out_tongue: ). But I don’t think I’ve ever seen the character in the third image.

The third is the only one I recognized :slight_smile:

Ok, then I won’t name/spoil it here. :slight_smile:

It’s Bik:

Well, that’s my case. All the adventure games I played before TWP were from the 90’s (even though I played some of them during 2015/ 2016). While waiting for TWP I found out about the Blackwell series and bought it.