Thimbleweed Merch

Ehm… You can just buy them? :slight_smile:

Well… try googling “EUR/USD” by yourself.
If I purchase $100, I pay around €80.
It’s like having a 20% off on the grand total.

Then I suggest that we all order in Russia: 100 Euros are 6912 RUB at the moment. :wink:

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Amateur. I’ve invested all my money in Indonesian Rupies, 16,000 for 1dollar at the moment


Russia, USA…can anyone even tell the difference anymore?!

For the records: Fangamer shipped from the US. On the invoice they listed every single feelie that is in the box - without the values. As I haven’t watched the unboxing video, it was “funny” to explain the officer that I had no idea, what these beeping things are and where they are in the parcel. To make it much more funny, the bottom of the invoice named a price - but not the correct one. After 30 minutes we both (the officer and I) gave up and guessed the value. So I had to pay round about 16 Euros for duty and taxes.

So, please, Fangamer, just list the correct prices of the correct things that you ship.

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This sounds fair, I guess he could have sent it back too without proper invoice.

I know you didn’t mean it this way but yes: Russia is one of the cheapest markets to buy video games.

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Come on damn DHL, are you sleeping??

Allow them a few days.
Here is my current one:

WOWOWOWOW!!! It’s arrived in Italy!!!

Wowowow… mine wasn´t touched the last 4 days…:cry:

There should be another tracking number from DHL, don’t remember which one on the right side of the screen, but it’s tracking was very accurate.

You are right. But I can´t find anything with them…

Guess I was lucky.

Here in Switzerland it’s usually if you stay under $50 for shipping and goods, you don’t have to pay customs so I ordered in multiple packages as $12 shipping is cheaper than the CHF 25 I would need to pay for customs.

I also had no issue with my backer box, luckyly. I’ve no bought all the merch available except another box (which I’m considering getting for XMas from someone as I don’t want to open my backer box) and the art book which I made my brother order for me.

Not sure what fangamer put as value.

Is the Thimbleweed merch straight outta Compton???

I knew them tiny boxes was gangsta

My Shippment wasn´t moved… status is still as above and no data on the other tracking number found on the right side.

I’m sorry Tim,
mine has just arrived, now.

FYI, on the package label, Fangamer declared:

  • PC GAME (Value: $7)

So, custums were cleared with no costs.

(litographic posters are some goodies I didn’t request, a gift from Fangamer).

I think you can wait up to 2-3 days, then you could ask Fangamer to gather information about your parcel.

Mostly the hoodies, yo!

Oh wow, this wouldn’t hold up at a closer examination.

Yes, and it’s interesting to see that the values seem to differ from parcel to parcel.