ThimbleWeed park in 640x480 on a Commodore 1942 CRT

Please let us know ahead of time, I’d love to see that live.

I imagine it’s harder to decide where to play the sound effect than to actually implement it? I’m no professional programmer, but in the VR project I’m working on in Unreal Engine 4, I’ve occasionally used sound effects as debug messages. It turns out triggering sound effects was actually easier than implementing a VR-friendly way of rendering text to the screen.


What a beautiful idea! :slight_smile:

This brings back some fond memories…:heart_eyes:

I think that would really be a great idea. As a player, one of the bittersweet moments is actually finishing a game. Yes, you’re excited because you’ve done it, but also sad because the game is over, and you won’t get more for another year, or two, or ever… Even a series where you know that more is coming, the wait seems interminable. I know the “Sam & Max” series did some episodic stuff, as well as the last “Monkey Island” things, though I came across both well after their initial release and was able to just play through them. Something with monthly installments, if that were possible from a development standpoint, with an ongoing story, would be fantastic.

If you had unlimited money, would you turn TWP into a world, with sidequests (with new characters totally unnecessary for the main story but only necessary if you want to solve their sidequests), or would you consider this a bad thing in principle (because “this is an adventure game not an rpg”)?

Hate to bump the thread, but it’s been a month or so. Is this still likely to happen? Which Twitch account should we be following to make sure we don’t miss it? :slight_smile:

The best laid plans of mice and men…

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:slight_smile: I had monochrome (green) monitor together with my C=64, I think it was Commodore DM602.
It should much more retro to try it on this :-))))

What a great idea :grin:
I’m a software developer (not gaming or graphic) as of 1999 and I think I had never heard of that.

@RonGilbert That would be a very nice detail.

What sound to what type of floppy drive would you add? 3,5" or 5,25"? Or both, let the user choose the type in the Prefs option :rofl:
Don’t forget to add also the sound during saving the game.

There is already a floppy loading sound in the game. It’s just not used in this manner.

This and nothing but this:

Still sounds like a crackling fireplace after all these years to me. :heart:


The Commodore 64 had some great features (display, sound) but let’s be honest… the 1541 isn’t one of them. A technical overview of the sequence of errors that led to the abysmal performance can be found at

But wasn´t it quite a step up from the datasette drive? Everytime someone complains about loading times I see it´s because they never had a floppy. I never had a datasette so I obviously missed out on stuff like the ocean loader, but loading times were cut down drastically.

Can I have the sound of the Amiga floppy drive? It had a perpetual “click” that you could stop only using special software.

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No, not stopping the “click” sound. Add an new option to add the perpetual “click” when removing the Thimbleweed park DVD from the drive.

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Or you could just put a disk in it.

Would be a nice Easter egg. Too bad, most people don’t have the game on DVD, and even if they had, it probably wouldn’t be in the drive, once the game is installed. Chances are, that there isn’t even a DVD drive attached during playing nowadays.

But how about making a real click when you have a floppy drive attached with no disk in? That would be a real amazing Easter egg. Also the floppy sounds in the game could be replaced with real floppy sounds.

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