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I once heard “rhubarb” is the word they say in the theater in crowd scenes or during whispering or any other situation where you can´t clearly understand what is being said.


That’s right. I was actually looking for the clip of the Rubharb rubharb Monty Python cartoon, but eventually came ot with that one.


I end up always thinking of this:


A quick update!

I bought a new mic and I was making some tests to let my wife finally begin her Delores recordings, as well as testing a bit more @DanielWolf’s new lip sync routine (sorry Daniel, I had lots of stuff to do, I’ll send you the file you asked ASAP). I have also plans to re-record all Ransome, but after we finish a first complete set of sentences so @RonGilbert can begin working on the integration.

We are thinking of some new trailers to publish.

@seguso provided us a Doug that made me laugh to tears, too bad the audio quality wasn’t good enough.

I’m having a hard time accepting that this is nevertheless a fan project with amateur equipment. Next time (if we ever get to doing another similar project) I’ll try a kickstarter to have funds for equipment or to rent a room in a recording studio.


Which one?


It’s a Neewer NW-800. It’s a low-cost solution, the quality isn’t wonderful, but for the price it’s really worth it. I bought a bundle with mic, pop filter, “arm” and phantom power source for less than 50 euro.

Again, it might not be a wonderful mic, but it allows me to record at home without reverb. It would probably work better if I had also a better sound card, I suppose. The reviews online were good, but were all done by people who had lots of equipment to plug that thing in :stuck_out_tongue: not just a laptop mic entrance. In fact, I needed an external USB sound card (12 euro) to have better signal to noise ratio, but it seems it’s not needed if you have a desktop computer and plug the mic directly to the motherboard.

But again: I’m just an amateur. I’ll buy better equipment if I ever need to do more voice stuff (which I hope :stuck_out_tongue: but that’s another topic).


Quiet, please. May I have your attention for a moment, dear Ladies and Gentlemen? I have an announcement for you:

This morning I re-recorded 50 lines of Franklin which were lost due to a corrupt file, and… I realized we now have 100% of the male characters lines recorded!! * :confetti_ball::champagne:

* without considering the characters of the three devs, who have 6 lines each

This doesn’t mean they’re done. We are still cutting files. And some recordings must be redone, but -you know- this is another important milestone to fulfill our deadline of providing @RonGilbert a full (yet rough) set of lines for the game within the end of the year.

We’re working to complete the female characters. We still have to do Natalie, Sandy, and part of Delores. The rest is done.

I literally can’t wait to see the new trailers @Guga is working onto…


Will the devs translate them too? :slight_smile:


Yes Someone, someone yes. At least, we have his word from one of Them!




Or you could change them into females :woman_shrugging:

I am sure Annie, Sophie and (I don’t think we ever got to know her name- which is fine, privacy and all) would be up for that!


who is Sophie?


Gary’s wife


but isn’t “her name” Jenn, then ? :no_mouth:


That is correct!


Wow! It would be so cool to have Ron and the others read the Italian lines! Of course, they would need a language coach…


I think that too! :grinning: We could provide very dedicated language coaches and, after all, here in Italy a natural English and American English accent in particular would be very appreciated! Plus it would be a nice easter egg: discover your way all the game through to the end to listen the very voice of the devs, in Italian!




If it’s stupid, but it works… it ain’t stupid :laughing:

Behold my new recording setup!