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Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project - Official Thread(TM)


No, it makes a lot of sense.

Also, holy noise filter, batman!


Not sure about the accuracy of that world map, though. :thinking:


And it really works – no echo nor reverber!
I had recorded my Reyes lines under the covers…


After a year from our first attempt to make an italian dubbing of Thimbleweed Park, here we are with a new piece of the dubbed game!

This time, @Guga has made a lot of post-recording work: volume level adjustment, batch programming, lip-syncing (thanks to @DanielWolf for his help and support).

In this clip, you can hear @Guga starring Ransome the *beeping* clown and Elwood Brown (not on this forum) starring George the postal worker!

We’ll post other clips soon!


I’m very happy with 1) the quality of my new mic and 2) how the volumes turnes out, since the original files had very different levels and I managed to automate the process.

I still have to provide @DanielWolf a more extensive feedback on his new lip sync routine. I have found another sentence that works strange, George’s penultimate one has no mouth movements. Which is cool in the vid because it sounds and looks more menacing, but that is definitely something that needs to be looked into. Daniel, I’ll send you the file and log tomorrow :wink: now I’m already in bed :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, the video looks great! :heart_eyes: Is that actual in-game footage? That is, did you manage to insert your audio recordings and lip-sync data into the actual game?

I’m looking forward to your feedback on the private thread. If you managed to recreate the bug, please also send me a log file!


Did you *beep* yourself?

And, I don’t mean that in the Ransome way…:joy:…rather did you follow the same process David did to censor out all the swear words?


Yes, absolutely. Guga made this video while capturing a real game session.


Exactly! He recorded his lines without beeps. That means we have a full set of Italian Ransome uncensored, too! :ransome:


Yep. I know Ron isn’t that happy about it, but we figured it would be the best way to keep on working on our project without having to wait for him and/or force him to work on his part before it’s worth it for him.

:laughing: yes. I have a script that takes a folder of .ogg files, equalizes all volumes, computes the lip sync files and puts them onto another folder where they will be “packed” in a TWP-readable format, but before doing that, I enter that folder and censor my lines. It means that the lip sync will be computed on the uncensored line, so your ears will be spared… but your eyes not :laughing:

@DanielWolf I forgot to call the log parameter, I’ll do it again. Sorry but yesterday evening I was image (two-tired… get it? _insert_George’s_laugh_here_), this afternoon I’ll have some time.


Interesting. I thought he provided you guys a way to use those resources without packing them again.


Ok, here you can see another test… the opening scene, featuring Guastardo as Willie, and @AndreKraemer as Boris.

Comments, please!


I’ve listened to this video with the best set of speakers for computer I have.

Apart from some little errors in pronunciation that can be easily corrected since @andrekraemer seems to be very comfortable with speaking Italian :clap: :clap: :ok_hand: , the thing that I noticed immediately is the difference of the quality of recording. When I listen to Boris, it seems like I’m listening to a person during a call, while I hear Willie more clear.
There’s also a difference in interpretation, (note that this is not a judgement on the level of quality of acting): Boris sounds pleasantly natural, while Willie sounds eloquently theatrical (like on stage).
They’re both good, just two different ways of acting, that don’t seem to match perfectly.

I wouldn’t change their way of acting, since they’re both effective in their own way, I would try to match the quality of sound better, maybe with some post-production editing, or some new recording by Andre (if he’s willing to) only to obtain a better sound quality.


NO WAY. We unanimously voted to keep the “prototìpo” and “filantròpo” because they sound SO German :laughing: I love them.

It must be said that there was absolutely no post processing on my side. I just put those together just to give a quick feedback to André (“quick”… it only took me like six months).

We’d like to have another take for Boris, mostly because it sounds too spoken, it is very natural indeed but it must be a little bit engaging for the player, it’s the first thing they’ll hear :smiley:

So, please do the same for the Ransome-George video and tell us your opinion about it too :smiley:


Quality of sound isn’t as good as for Willie’s voice, but the great thing is that Ransome and George share the same quality. This is probably due to your work on audio files, isn’t it? :wink:
Also interpretations for Ransome and George match well, and the overall result is a nice and natural trade of jokes.
Other things that can be noted are some minor errors like the bad pronunciation of letter “e” in the joke by George. Or maybe a more emphatic style for some passages by Ransome… but that’s nitpicking. I also know very well how difficult it is to keep the scratchy tone of voice for Ransome, and that’s accomplished very well, without falls.

In the end the result is nice and I like it, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it in the final version :slight_smile: .


Well, I’ll tell you the truth…

Elwood for George uses the same microphone Guastardo does for Willie.
If you hear closely, Wille is better, and it’s matter of recording. Elwood recorded his lines with a high volume, thus George has some distortion.
This, and the fact that @guga did a good postproduction job, is why you perceive Ransome’s and George’s qualities as similar. But if you listen with earphones, you’ll notice Ransome is definitely better, even if Elwood’s mic is better than @guga’s. And that’s because @guga recorded perfectly his lines.
Now, let’s discuss Boris… @AndreKraemer uses a fairly good mic. It has a nice liquid sound, less flat than Guga’s. But he has also a lot of reverb which impairs quality (probably due to the recording environmental setup), and is affected probably by a slightly low recording volume. I think some editing could improve a lot this scene, but obviously a second take for Boris would improve the result even more.


As non-Italian it sounded like perfect Italian to me!

@Ema If you upload high resolution videos YouTube will use other audio codecs plus more bandwidth for audio. Maybe it won’t make much difference but better to be safe (and also it will look better).


Same here! I’m German myself, and it wasn’t until the “Wiener Schnitzel” that I realized there was a German accent. Then again, Ron was looking for a German accent that was natural rather than over the top, and I believe that holds for this version, too! :grinning:

Of course, people who actually understand Italian might have a very different impression!


I must say that @AndreKraemer, who dubbed Boris, is very bravo in reading Italian.
Our language is very complicated, so it’s natural for a foreign to say some words with a different accent, and we really don’t care.


You haven’t tried to learn German …? :wink: