To beep or not to beep - that is the question

Also @boosegoose who wrote the rest of the dialogue but may never have heard the swearwords before.

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I’ve just done that bit – I know what you mean but I think it’s equally funny with the swearing (he really goes to town on Madame Morena! :flushed:) I laughed a lot when he shouted at Brant afterwards.

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As soon as I get a new computer this is the first thing I will get.


Just bought the DLC. I think I’ll wait and try it with a new play. But I suspect I’m going to enjoy the uncensored version more…

I’m doing that right now :slightly_smiling_face:

It really is surprising how little one remembers. There are still some puzzles I can’t quite remember how to solve, despite doing this four times now. (Where’s the bloody chainsaw gas?!)

Outside of the house, you might have to squint a bit. It´s a bit small in the distance.

Does Ransome ever say the word cunt?

I don´t think he does but his british cousin Lord Ransomeworth Whoopeecushion Esq. Duke of Harlequin II. OBE indulges in this most unorthodox nastiness quite a brit…eh…bit. :face_with_monocle: :uk:


I’ve remembered where it is now :slight_smile:

I can confirm this – he lives next door and makes all the neighbours very cross. I’m ashamed to say that once I had no choice but to wag my finger at him.


You tea sippers all know each other, do you? I guess @tasse-tee and @boosegoose are also in the neighbourhood…


Tally ho, wot wot! :face_with_monocle: :coffee:

Shame on you! I hope you apologised to that young man the very next day for that unprecedented outburst of impatience.

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Mostly what I heard during development was nothing… voice wasn’t added until pretty late, so all we had was the text. Once voice was completed, I immediately began beeping Ransome’s lines, so other than hearing the “raw” lines during the editing process, I really didn’t hear them in context while playing the game.

So… for me, I’m much more used to hearing Ransome’s beeped lines. Hearing them unbeeped in context is (for me) pretty hilarious. I’d probably opt to play it that way, unless I had a kid in the room. Or my wife. Or…


I’ve noticed I have to reset the Ransome DLC every time I load my game. I guess it’s not set to keep it ticked for ‘safety’ reasons.

Maybe you would like to ask that @RonGilbert?

I can confirm that. I am not sure if this has been intended, but at least it’s not game-breaking.

Yeah. I’m assuming it’s because of the explicit nature.

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Phew, done :slight_smile: This game is always way longer than I remember. Did it in about 5.5 hours this time though, which is definitely my quickest in hard mode. I don’t know if I needed to do it on hard to get the Messy World achievement, but it seemed like cheating otherwise!

Another of my favourite Ransome uncensored lines is when I tried to make him ignite the dynamite before putting it on the door. “Good idea, but not while I’m still holding the fuckin’ C4!”

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Wow that’s an impressive time. I think I never went below the 7 hours, and maybe not even…

Yeah, I was quite surprised as it’s taken me ages before. I do feel a bit nauseous.