To beep or not to beep - that is the question

Just checked my last save on PS4 and it says 5 hours 51 minutes. But it was my first playthrough on the console so I might have concentrated on picking up specks and other achievements, too.

Casual says 92 minutes.

That’s pretty quick if you were stopping to do active achievements. I was skipping some dialogue there, too. My autosave at the wireframe world said 5 hours so I estimated on top of that.

I think my casual playthrough was about the same as yours, but I’m going to check (this is a good reason to get out of bed).

Just a note: I moved the debate about Bavarian accent and various language nuances here in order to keep the beeping topic on track: Language Discussion


Ironically we minded too much language in a topic that´s about an update that doesn´t mind language.

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Yes, this was done for kid-friendly reasons.


Could you add a hidden permanent switch for kid free households, maybe?
And why is it in the video menu, when it only affects audio?

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Maybe you should add a hint with the next update so that a player (and @PiecesOfKate) isn’t confused if it turns automatically off…


forceRansomeUnbeeped: 1

to your Prefs.json file


I have to say, to my surprise the unbeeped version was much funnier to me. There’s just something about how casually caustic Ransome is that works for me. Well there you go.