Transportation oddity

Since it seems nobody mentioned it: isnt it odd that you see in the beginning with Boris a train pass by, but there is no train station only a bus station in town.
Maybe I remember wrongly, but doesnt Boris hint at having arrived by train. Does anybody remember?

He arrived by train, in the station of Nowhere, then he reached Thimbleweed Park by foot. They love walking. They walk a lot!

Ok. But are towns not normally build around the railway station instead of having a, railway station in out of nowhere?

Very small towns don’t have a train station, usually. Thimbleweed Park is near a railroad but there is not a train station in the town.

He only says “I fly halfway around the world and an odd note is waiting for me in my hotel room.”

I don’t think he ever specifies how he reached the town.

Ehrm, you guys have played the game to the end? There is no train station for the same reason why there is a extreme high number of people in the phone book…

Was the lack of a train station cited in the ending?

Umpf. No. But the ending explains the lack of a train station: The whole town is a computer game. There hasn’t to be a explanations. Or in other words: The designers of the game just forgot to add a train station.

This probably would answer any question anybody could ever have about the game. Or couldnt it?

Just the train does not stop in there.

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Exactly. But Shhhh … Don’t tell the others - they like to discuss weird theories.

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Well, when Boris arrives to the bridge he say something along the lines “… after the long walk out here”, so my opinion is that he just walked from the hotel to the bridge.

I don’t think that the game gives enough information about how Boris reached the town. He might have rented a car at the airport, as you suggest, or maybe he arrived by bus.

Well, since he is a business man he probably took a taxi to the hotel.