Trivia apps such as QuizUp

As we’re approaching Christmas, my thoughts are turning to many important things – food, booze and TRIVIA.

So I’ve ended up re-installing an app I used to have, called QuizUp (this link is to the desktop site, but I play the mobile version).

For those unfamiliar, you can play on your own and try and beat your high score, or play a random opponent (in real time or at different times), or find someone you know and play against them. The format is multiple choice and there are six questions plus a bonus one in a round against another player, or just ongoing questions until you flunk if you play alone. It’s pretty addictive.

There are loads of different categories (1200 apparently!) covering a broad range of topics – my favourites are The X Files, Dexter, Food, Movies and Backwards Words.

Unfortunately, since I last played it, it’s a bit laggy and glitchy. But I’m still pretty addicted. I currently rank number 2 in the UK for The X Files for the month of November. Which might mean I’m playing it a tad too much. Or that I’m just shit hot. Or that no one plays that category.

Anyway… does anyone else use QuizUp? Or can you recommend a good trivia app?

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I used to play with QuizUp but some questions / answers were wrong, and after a complain they never updated them.
So I uninstalled it…

Oh really? That’s annoying. I’ve had some that are slightly oddly worded sometimes but not wrong. What category was it out of interest?

LucasArts Adventure Games [Level: 43]
Retro Games [Level: 12]

I remember I had challenged, a few times, Mr. Matthew Alan Kane (the composer of Zak McKracken music), on LucasArts Adventure Games :slight_smile:

One of the wrong questions was:
"How old is Bobbin Threadbare?"
And the correct answer, in its opinion, was 15:-1:

Great Scott!

That’s pretty cool :nerd_face:

I played C64 quiz on iOS a few years back. You get 4 screenshots and you have to match it to a game title.
There was a high score and there were a couple of players who were constantly trying to better each others score. Of course after some time it just became a speed redlex game. In the end, I was at #1 and got a message from the runner up to congratulate me that I beat the creator at his own game. :slight_smile:

P.S. : I searched it on the app store, expecting it to be not there anymore (being 8-bit instead of 64-bit). But it actually still is, not for free anymore though. (It’s the one by Fake Fish)

I also enjoyed "A Classic Retro Video Arcade Game Emulator Trivia"

That sounds good, though I’m not sure I’d be very good at it, heh. I never owned a C64 but I guess a lot of games I played on the PC were the same.

That’s quite an achievement :smile:

Thanks - I’ll look for it on the Android Play Store :+1:

At least you weren´t a Spectrum kid…:smirk:

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I use Quiz Up…

Which categories do you play?

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There you go!
And what’s your username?

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Oops, forgot to reply to this!

My username is PiecesOfKate (I’ve changed it from ‘Kate’, which is probably quite common :wink:).

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I have sent you a message… on QuizUp…

Shall we create a Quiz on TWP on QuizUp??
It will be fun…

Funnily enough I didn’t do very well on your Indian advertising challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t think I can challenge you unless you confirm my follow request.

Ooh yeah, we could do. I’ve never created a quiz on there before but will have a look…

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@TaarakVakil Full disclosure - it made me do that food logos round a second time with the same questions! Didn’t make much difference as I won both times - just slightly faster the second time :wink:

Do you watch The X-files or am I better challenging someone else on that one? (cough@milanfahrnholz when you’re back)

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Yeah still need to dl the app

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I tried to register but they won´t accept my google account for unknown reasons. :frowning:

Oh, that’s odd. I think I registered some other way as mine isn’t linked to my Google. Can’t remember how though. Is there another option you could use?