Trivia apps such as QuizUp

I could set up a completly new account, I guess. Since the only other thing it links with is facebook where I am not.

Oh right, I must’ve done it via Facebook back when I actually used it.

It’s up to you though – it would be fun to play against you but don’t worry if it’s too faffy.

Ah well, the email registration was easy enough.

So maybe you could lead me through some first steps? I see no way to search for users?

Oh, cool :slight_smile:

Click on the magnifying glass at the top, then type in PiecesOfKate. I believe I’m the only one.

Then you can also search for topics in the same way. Look for The X Files with the black background, green logo.

You might want to check through your privacy settings too (cogs at the top left corner for settings).

Took a bit, but found you now.

Seems like I had to change my default language from german to english first.

Oh right, that’s weird and stupid! It’s not the cleverest app, I’ll warn you. Also watch out for annoying audio-enhanced ads - they pop up between each round, I think.

Yay, there you are :slightly_smiling_face: I might not be able to play at work much. I’ll defo challenge you later though.

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Yeah, I definitly don´t have the time either now. Certainly not for setting up my own quiz they want me to come up with at least 7 questions plus 3 wrong answers on each.

So bring it on and watch me SUCK!!!


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Just realised I need to actually follow you too, doi.

Just so you know, you don’t have to do the challenges live - you can play them at different times. This will all make sense at some point…

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Psst… You need to accept my friend request before I can challenge you. Sometimes the notifications are a bit slow.

Done. That´s what I don´t like about facebook. On twitter you just can follow someone and there is no pressure for a follow back. That whole accepting or denying thing is annoying and potentionally offensive. But in this case it makes sense I guess since you have to agree to interact, because that´s the whole point of the thing.

Thanks. Yeah I agree. It’s all a bit odd. Especially that on this one you have to accept the request, then send one back as well in order to challenge them. Baaaah!

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I got a notification that you challenged me…and that´s it. Nothing else. :neutral_face:

This is a weird up. Or it´s mensa level genius.

That’s part of the puzzle :wink: Not really. It’s just a bit crap sometimes but that hasn’t happened to me for a while.

If you go into Activity, then Challenges, is it in there? If not I’ll try challenging you again. It’s okay because I got one wrong, so I’d prefer to discount that one :wink:

Well…that was a bad performance… :sweat:

Don’t worry, that was your first try! :slightly_smiling_face: Just had a :nose: through your answers. Did you run out of time on a couple of them?

Yes. I didn´t even notice there actually was a timer on the first question.

And two questions on the same episode as well as something involving numbers just did me in. :frowning:

Yes, that all makes sense. We’ll call that a trial run :slight_smile: And the next one.

You can also play single player, which is a good way to practise.

Or just challenge me at something I’ll have no idea about :wink:

What could that even be?! :weary:

Hm… German hip hop bands?

Or Twin Peaks? I think you’d be better than me at that.

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If you´d speak german you´d love Die Fantastischen Vier, because they are all about language.

That´s a good idea actually!

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