Video of the unboxing of TWP physical box

Somehow I’m missing the joke that is printed on the label. Could you explain it?

“Disk 22” is a funny reference to a famous easter egg in “The Secret of Monkey Island”. Here is a video of it.

The box and content are so great! Everything about it is just amazing. I’m very satisfied with it, it’s even better than I had expected or hoped for. :slight_smile:

I wish more games were released like this.

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Yes, I got that part. :slight_smile: I was just wondering why the joke would not work with a 5.25" floppy disk? Since MI was also released on 5.25", but perhaps the Disk 22 joke was only included in the 3.5" version? And when you wrote it’s “printed on the label”, I thought I had missed some additional joke in the fine print.

Oh, I wrote that the joke would work only with a 3½-inch disk because I didn’t know until this moment that MI1 was released also on 5¼-inch disks. :smiley: Sorry for the confusion.

Hehe, I see. No worries. :slight_smile:

Did someBODY look into the disk 22/269?
I mean, into a PC floppy drive, or… an Amiga drive…

Just to let you know:
I asked Fangamer about the road sign dimensions, and the official answer is:

The sign is about 46cm x 23cm.

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You made a good guess! (Although it’s strange you didn’t assume this guy having a TWP sized head)

Is there a version with a golden “Backer a Reno” badge or are they all silver?

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The joke was included on the PC versions using SCUMM V4 in any color mode and disk format. It was NOT included in the Amiga version, enhanced CD (which most likely includes Mac and FM-Towns versions), the Special Edition and the Sega CD, due to people not getting the joke and bugging the hotline. Yet they did several references to that particular joke in later games.

It is included in the Ultimate Talkie Edition when “match voice acting mode” is disabled.

One question.

Wich version of the game is included in the box? The last build 1410.938 with the arcade open?


I hope there is also the very first version included, because I liked that the most. Sorry everybody!

Due to the long lead time in making DVDs, the build on the disk is pre-arcade (920).

thx for the Video. so i dont need to open my box.

You can sell it, try $500


when will the "A glorious full size poster for Thimbleweed Park. In color! With images! And maybe some text! " beeing shipped?

Not yet. Ask me again in mmmmmmmm … 20 years

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That’s a pity, I would have preferred to wait longer for the DVDs/boxes to get a more complete build, especially with arcades since we knew from day one this was a missing feature.

Maybe for the Fangamer non-backer re-release :face_with_raised_eyebrow: