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Video of the unboxing of TWP physical box


Maybe it´s possible to manually patch it yourself?


Too many people were already complaining. We’re doing a new patch in a bit, would we wait for that one as well? If we waited until all patches and content was complete, they would ship for months. It’s an age old issue with physical media.


Not sure what you mean with patch.
Yes, I can just burn a more recent build to DVD and put it into the box, but of course I would have preferred a more complete version on the original DVD.

Of course not all, but specifically the arcade would have been nice.

But no big deal :slight_smile:
I guess you guys are glad rewards are out there and you are closer to finishing this project eventually :slight_smile:


I mean installing the game, then putting the patchfile (if available) into the necessary folder or overwriting the specific file with it (after backing up in case this breaks anything). But I don´t know if this is at all possible in this specific case.


The problem is that the patch is not included and I have to get it (download) from somewhere. In this case it doesn’t matter if I download the whole game or just a patch anyway.


Of course, usually you would do something like this to be able to have the patched version at all, but I see this is matter of principle (having the complete build on the disc w/o the need to patch).


The floppy disk is an HD (1.44 MB) floppy and probably formatted in that size so no Amiga could read it (except if you had an Amiga 4000). But an standard PC floppy drive should also work. :grinning:


@RonGilbert I am very happy with the 3,5″ floppy disk and the game box and I think it creates a good retro feeling especially for an adventure game fan from the late 80s and early 90s. :slight_smile:

In Sep. 2014 I bought the “Humble Indie Bundle 12” package which contains a physical game box (designed by fangamer), a floppy disk (with very simple web game, some old school designed websites), the soundtrack on vinyl record, and other items.
In general it was really great but the floppy disk was not 100% correct recorded, creating an readable disk image with KryoFlux does not work without some adjustments. Nowadays it is hard to find some one to record (and also correctly record and copy) floppy disks.
The other thing was the carton, of which the “Humble Indie Bundle 12” game box was made, it was too thin and too small, so for me no real retro feeling come up. In contrast to that the Thimbleweed park box is really retro, it seems to be much more robust, have the proper dimensions and is very good designed. I think it was a good idea to spend more time and money on a good box instead of creating only some kind of unstable ‘box’. :ok_hand:
The idea to ship the soundtrack on a vinyl record was great. Is there a chance for an “Thimbleweed park Soundtrack” vinyl record or an analog audio cassette? I would buy both :slight_smile:
Also see Custom cassettes.

Do you mean 5,25″ or 3,5″ floppy disks?


Here is an enthusiastic video of another unboxing and this time the backer seems to know very well the “22” reference. :slight_smile:


Some questions on this:

Why was that map not used in the game? It looks so much nicer, imho. And those would be very convincing in the game as official maps a town would hand out to tourists.

Why are the stickers on the shrink wrap instead of the box? At least the system sticker was always on the box back in the days. Actually LucasArts usually printed the most common system on the box and just put a sticker over it for the other versions.

I’m surprised you still got Jewelcases with the Compact Disc logo in it. I thought they left it out long time ago. And it would have made completely sense when you put a DVD into it. I rarely saw Jewelcases with different logos in it, but most of the time, those fields are just blank.


Sorry, if I step into this discussion(s) late, but I’ve received my box today and I won’t get spoiled. :slight_smile:

You just had to ask Someone. :wink: I still have the ability to read and write 5,1/4 floppy disks. So if you still need some… :wink:

Are you kidding? This is the greatest box of all Kickstarter boxes!(*) The gifts in the box are the greatest gifts in the history of gift giving!

(*) Except The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Nothing can top the plushy. :wink:

@LowLevel: MI2 was also released on 5,1/4 inch disks.


If you mean “in large quantities”, that would be really surprising and impressive. :neutral_face:


Define “large quantities”. :slight_smile: A mass production wouldn’t be possible, but I could copy for each backer a floppy disk.


I mean a floppy for each box of the game, both the boxes for the backers and the boxes that will be sold in the future on Fangamer.


There were over 600 backers on the box tier. But it doesn’t end there, as more boxes were/are getting sold through fangamer.


That wouldn’t be a problem.

That could be a problem, but maybe solvable. :slight_smile:

Beside that, the 5,25 inch disks were in the Kickstarter. So I assumed/originally thought that a 5,25 inch disk would be a nice backer exclusive thing. :slight_smile:


I like plushies!
Those are Hexipal and Berta & Josef for example:

We need TWP plushies!
What about a real Ransome doll?
Or the man-eating plant, similar to this one (Ikea):


Yes, please! Or chuck the plant.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 plushy is this one:


Or Lurleen the Chinchilla!


This is my key ring now :stuck_out_tongue: does it count as a chinchilla?