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Video of the unboxing of TWP physical box


Nice, your puzzle dependency chart under your keyring :grinning:


Everyone at work mocks me for my doodles :stuck_out_tongue: at first, people think I’m making graphs or stuff like that, but in the end they notice they’re just random circles and arrows. But they make me look busy while I browse the TWP forum :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you have to “brush up” its tail, otherwise it looks perfect!


Looks like new name suggestions for Prince.


In case you are interested in the floppy disk contents: This is my directory listing of disk 22/269.

It one contains one folder

FILENAME		SIZE	TIME (modification)	TIME (creation)
SpriteSheets		<dir>	Aug 03 2017 11:52:20	Aug 03 2017 11:52:19

inside are these files:

DeloresSheet.png	97.1k	Feb 21 2017 01:57:18	Jul 17 2017 17:06:13
DinerSheet.png		108.9k	Feb 21 2017 01:54:52	Jul 17 2017 17:06:09
FranklinAliveSheet.png	91.2k	Feb 21 2017 01:57:24	Jul 17 2017 17:06:17
FranklinGhostSheet.png	596.5k	Feb 21 2017 01:57:26	Jul 17 2017 17:06:21
RansomeSheet.png	87.9k	Feb 21 2017 01:57:54	Jul 17 2017 17:06:40
RaySheet.png		92k	Feb 21 2017 01:58:04	Jul 17 2017 17:06:44
ReyesSheet.png		96.3k	Feb 21 2017 01:58:16	Jul 17 2017 17:06:49
SheriffsOfficeSheet.png	86.7k	Apr 21 2017 23:32:16	Jul 17 2017 17:06:54

Super cool stuff! :delores: These files are a really nice bonus. What?!? No 1987 dates :wink:?


Thank you! :blush:


Way cool! The only way to make it even better, would’ve been to have the sprite sheets in the .LBM format!


I’m afraid that I can open .pcx files only.


My point exactly!
It would’ve made this into a whole new real world puzzle of installing Dosbox and finding a copy of DeluxePaint. I’d also archive the whole thing with something obscure like .lzh or .ace.


I can easily open both LBM and PCX files with my trusted and powerful Irfanview on Windows. :slight_smile:

Compressing the files with LZH or LZX or ACE would have been a slightly tougher task, but not something that would have required the installation of Dosbox or emulators.


I used PKZIP and PKUNZIP in DOS. They allowed to create/extract .zip files.
Even back in the 90s, it was funny that you needed one tool for compressing and another tool for extracting. The advantage of this fact was that the unzip tool was smaller, so that you could add it more easily on a floppy with a .zip file.

By the way, I just read about the author of these tools. He died in 2000 - aged 37. How sad a fate!


Damn it! We should have put all the file on there in .lbm format.


Are you still in time to do it for future batches of boxes sold on Fangamer?


Not for a while. The machines of industry turn fast.


It’s because of the AI growing fast.


ARC is the one and only. :wink:


Imagine the excitement when there would have been a LaserDisc inside, with a Ray nude scene playing Smooth Criminal.


ideal are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay ideal? :open_mouth:


Well, at least it won’t need pixelization in post-production…


Here’s a much more detailed unboxing: