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Video of the unboxing of TWP physical box


I have to say: It looks 100 times better than the Broken Age box which I felt was very underwhelming and extremely poorly designed and constructed.


I received my box today.
@RonGilbert, @David, @AnybodyElseInvolved:

Thank you.
From the deep of my heart.


Definitely thank @jenn!! She was the producer on this and pulled it all together. I too love the final products. First rate.


Oh, yes! Sorry about that, I didn’t have a clue she was on the forum…

Thank you too, @jenn. I recognize your good work, and I also want to underline how much nice and pleasant you’ve been when I met you in Berlin.


Yes, yes! 100 times yes!


Ja, I feel fine, currently maybe like this. Under the LD there could have been a whip, stuff is lying around in TWP.



I got MY box few days ago (happy dance) and I noticed that the total number of floppy disks on the label is now 629 (it used to be 269). 629 times 1,44 Mb would make 905 Mb, which is probably somewhere around the size of the actual game.

Does anybody know, are there any more differences between the old and the new batch of boxed TWP?


In the mid 90’s before CD took off, they started to sell software on 1.68 MB floppies. They formatted each track with 21 sectors instead of 18. I never understood why that wasn’t the standard for 3.5" HD floppies anyway.


Oh jeez I’ve never had a working 5.25" drive, ever. Even in c. 1988 when we had our first PC, my (late) dad had to take those discs disks in to work with him and copy them to 3.5" so that we could use them (can’t remember for which games but he did it for 1 or 2 games that we could only find sold on 5.25"). Actually I can remember one, pretty sure TMNT was one game we bought on 5.25" that he had to make a copy of so we could play it (and it had copy protection too - a table of text against dark red background IIRC). I LOVED that game. :slight_smile:

Yep, I formatted lots of floppies like that as a kid. The program was “hdformat” or something like that which would allow you to format 1.68 MB, pretty sure you couldn’t use the stock MS-DOS format to do it. Maybe you could, it was so long ago now I don’t remember but I do think it was a separate program that I used not Microsoft’s.


There were several tools to do that. The most popular was probably VGA-Copy. It still has an official homepage:

Exactly. It wasn’t standard after all, eventhough Microsoft itself used it to distribute software.
It is also worth a note, while MS-DOS (and Windows 9.x) could handle those disk with no issue, in NT based systems, only reading was reliable. Trying to write on them was likely going to destroy the files.


Oh interesting. I’ve always assumed it’s called that way because of its fancy UI.


There was also one that allowed you to read and write directly to unallocated space on the disk. Can’t remember what it was called, but it didn’t interfere with the filesystem, that is it was invisible to the File Allocation Table table.