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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)

We’ve got a bad habit towards the Internet.

We thought it was a value the freedom of doing everything. Pretty much like in the Far West of the nineteenth century.

That’s why it looks strange that a government does what it is called for: to govern.

Many artists and journalists I know personally are against it, mostly because it benefits big companies more than them.

It also opens the gates for a world where the “rights with Lucasfilm/Disney but not with Ron Gilbert” situation is pretty much the standard.

And the upload filters are a stupid idea, but something companies like youtube will be forced to.
So good luck with uploading your preview clips of the italian dub to youtube in the future!

And btw spotify doesn´t pay artists enough.

No one is against copyright reform in any way. The way the current law is forumlated is incredibly shitty though.


Things can surely be done better. That happens in every big field that escaped the interest of the society, through the legiferation. The important thing is that this big step is done.
There will be time and opportunities to improve it, according also to its implementation in all the countries.

The worrying thing is that they voted in favour without even looking at the suggestions for improvement.

Also that they rescheduled the vote to be before most of the information events as if to forcefully punch it through in it´s current form.

This was not the best way to do this in any way shape or form.

Milan, this is probably one of the last things this parliament, so composed, will vote. The opportunity to finally legiferate should not have been missed.

With the next european parliament, the so called populists will be stronger (I hope not! :slight_smile: ), thus dividing Europe and making it way weaker towards the high economical power of the internet giants.

Interesting way of seeing that.

Fair enough. But it’s been one of the main arguments by the proponents of the new regulation (i.e. protect the small guy from the big corporations).

I have not seen anybody disagreeing with the goal of sharing the loot. It’s the how that the disagreement is over.

‘Article 13’ (17, I know, hence the scare quotes) will force the large content platforms into using upload filters and/or making license agreements with the copyright holders (which in parts they already have with e.g. the GEMA in Germany).

But that will not work for all content creators who may themselves be forced to sign up with the large license holders (like GEMA) to be able to get their share and can no longer operate independently.

But I’ll guess we’ll see how this plays out. I just hope that the powers that be will correct any collateral damage that comes out of this. Well, first off I hope that no such damage occurs and it’s just the big platforms that will have to share some of their profits.

Will Italy have a new government?

  • Yes, Giuseppe Conte as Prime Minister
  • Yes, someone else as Prime Minister
  • No, Go to vote

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When will Belgium have a new government?

  • This month
  • This year
  • Before the next elections
  • When hell freezes over
  • After MI3a is released

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Hold on, why does @Someone get more of the vote?! :angry: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :bomb: :bone: :rofl:

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Discourse tries to ensure the sum is always 100% after rounding so someone has to get this one percent.
You are not someone.

You could try naming yourself somebody and see if the Discourse servers will explode.


On Monday the UK prime minister Boris Johnson shut down parliament for 5 weeks in the run-up to Brexit. Last week a court decided that this was legal.

But just now, the highest civil court in Scotland has ruled that it was ILLEGAL!

Now the Supreme Court will have to decide next week who is right. What will they say?

  • It’s legal
  • It’s illegal

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I think it’s legal, because THE Immortal Queen thinks it is.

Well… against all odds, we had a new government! And with the same Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte!


But the Queen generally acts on the advice on the prime minister, and she is also expected to stay politically neutral. It is convention for her to agree with whatever proposals she is given by the PM - the opposite is more or less unheard of.

That’s a difficult question because I don’t know the (details of the) British laws. Or would you like just to know what we (other Europeans) think about it?

Congrats, your new government is more secure than ours :joy:

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Well, what worries me more, because the decision will impact even my work, is:

  • There will be DEAL or NO DEAL ?
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Sounds like the German government after the last election: We got Angela Merkel again…

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No no, it’s different! :smiley:

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