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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)


Yeah, that’s me. I took years to get through university because that’s where the “it all comes automatically principle” breaks down, or at least it did for me. I had to learn how to study, starting from 0. Meanwhile someone I went to elementary school with has two university master’s degrees now, but she went to havo initially! :wink: She really learned how to get down to business in school.

On the plus side, it nevertheless says magma cum laude on my degree.




Reminding myself that I still need to do that.

  • Invest more into educating people with real facts instead of saying “we have to listen to people´s fears” when those are based on propaganda and lies.
  • Look stronger into the right wing activities of german universtiy fraternities. Reduce the influence they have on the job market and politics.
  • Have clearer anti nazisim activity laws like in austria.
  • Educate on conspiracy and facalities of arguments and speech at school
  • Teach skepticism
  • Seperate church and state properly. No “crosses in public places” bullshit. Leave religion at home, out of schools and universities.
  • Offer a proper apology and payments to the Herero people. Use the word genocide.
  • Introduce a tax for science and medical research so serious scientists aren´t forced to pander to shady investors anymore.

Guess there is more and I probably have to get into some of those points more, but that´s it for a start about germany from my side.


Could you elaborate on this one for me?


There is no concept of skeptic or critical thinking taught anywhere. People are incapable of using basic things like Occam´s Razor to keep up some rationality. I´m talking about the concept of skeptical thinking in a scientific way.


Well, it seems I went on vacation at the right time.

The last week was fire on the social scene and all my friends were going crazy discussing politics and other stuff. I was taking pictures with Goofy. Case closed.


Can we see some of them? (Asking for a friend.)

Well, Disney is a hot topic. The best thing is not to mention the name. Especially if the sentence contains the words “Monkey” and “Island”. This could lead to heated debates, people running amok and the end of the world as we know it. So I would be very careful …


I did a @Sushi and sang the MI theme during the PotC ride.




Donald and Kim.
A moment (good or bad) that is a point in the history.
It was forecasted by a Disney story, placed in Seul 1988…
Donald and Kim.


What was Kim´s full name in the story?


And what happens next in the story?


Kim Don Ling, he was a south-korean boy.

Kim wanted to join the Olympic Games in Seul 1988, and he loved a North-Korean girl named Chen Dai Lem. But because of the division between the two Koreas, they can’t join together.

To tell the truth, I rememberd that Kim shaked his hand to Huey or Dewey or Louie, not Donald…
the image of the previous post is clearly photoshopped (that’s evident), but it’s nice anyway.


That resolution low enough, but please be careful with posting entire comic pages.


Thanks for the advice, I took this image from a public internet database.


I vividly remember to have read that story in the summer of 1988. That was the year of the olimpic games in Seul.


Is that the way you write Seoul in italy?


Yes, because the “o” is not pronounced.


I see you don´t include silent letters like in the word Zombi :zombie: