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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)


We do, in italian, “Zombie” is written “Zombi”.


Yeah the e is silent.

By the way, I had to chuckle at the dialogue in Django Unchained where he says “The D is silent” because in italian it obviously isn´t because without the “D” it would be “Jango” and pronounced differently.

I guess Tarantino´s italian ancestors are far removed from him already. :laughing:



Ah yes, so it is. (Great, the trial is over, I can go home now)


Things like these make me proud of coming from Campania (especially during these weeks):

Salvini get 40 insults (some of them very well thought) while walking just 10 minutes in Naples

PS: Note that sometimes people are nodding in agreement to the actor behind the mask, not the politician.


Latriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina! :rofl:


The UK foreign secretary faced a tough decision today. To vote in the same way as his party regarding plans to build a third runway at Heathrow airport, or resign from the government in order to oppose it.

In the end, he avoided both options. How? By mysteriously disappearing.


That exact same story has a beard of Jasper Beardly like propotions in Munich. So far there has been success also due to a protection worthy biotope on the planned grounds.

I believe they have put pretty much any plans on hold as of this year.


I flew quite a bit from MUC, both as start/destination and (lately) as a stop-over. Kinda like that it isn’t so big and busy. Might as well stay that way :slight_smile:.

Though it probably says a lot about a city if the one likeable bit is it’s airport :wink:.


It could really have a more likeable name, though…


Come on. It’s named after the finest leader Bavaria has seen since Ludwig II :smile: .


Oh. In Finnish it’s Soul or Sŏul. The “e” is not pronounced :slight_smile:


I remember, in 1988, newspapers were uncertain on how to write it. Seul, Seoul, and rarely Soul. I remember once my schoolmates took fun of me because I wrote “Seoul”, maybe they thought it was a bookworm thing.


From the Characters & Their Names thread:

Yes. Again all governements in Europe don’t want to let immigrants come. Macron says to Salvini he is wrong, but when it comes to let people go in France, he allowed french policemen to go even beyond the french border in Italy to block people. Spanish government has african borders guarded with machine-guns (while Ada Colau, major of Barcelona, and Joan Ribò, major of Valencia, accepted the people on Aquarius ship which eventually landed on national soil in the second city).
Anyway, this shows how many difficulties Europe has to handle a common immigration policy. It is true, as Macron says, that countries like France have a population of resident immigrants higher than in Italy. But it’s also true that in the last years, mainly 2013-2016, Italy is the country that accepted the most, simply because our harbours were always open, unlike those of the other coastal mediterranean countries. Furthermore, we do not have a colonial history, unlike France and other european countries, apart from the two episodes of the early twentieth century, very brief and different from colonial behaviour of the earlier centuries.

A serious politics about immigration should first decide that immigration is a common issue. People move across Europe as they did in past decades, and a share for every country should be decided. Then the countries like Hungary (the group of Orban and co.) that don’t want to accept immigrants, should not receive european funds (sometimes in those cases they receive more money as funds than they pay as taxes, and some of them even have their own currency - they take only what they want from Europe! -)

Then we should really - really! - care for the conditions of the countries where they come from, when they are war refugees, but also economic immigrants. Why no one ever say “Hey! Let’s stop selling war weapons to them!”; only then I could trust the very same man saying “Let’s help them in their country” which is, if taken outside of rethoric, a good intention.


Roman empire?


Ok, then leave all the command in the hands of Rome and we’ll handle the thing. Maybe take your time, five years from now should be enough…:stuck_out_tongue:


Since you change governments at about the same pace as roman emperors (minus the poisoning…I guess?) today I´m not sure anyone´s getting anything stable out of this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, and that’s sad, mostly for the people who come here as immigrants. A common policy about immigration would be good for all. I’m really sad about people dying. Death by water is almost as horrible as in war.


And people being put on trial who save them is awful as well.

I´m thinking of that Sea Captain as a Star Trek commander who now goes to court for violating the prime directive.


Yes. Among other things Germany (the sea captain and the NGO are german) is a country which, under the previous Merkel’s governments, didn’t back out its commitment to accept immigrants.

But the problem is that now there’s no room for those NGOs if now european countries don’t accept people. Where are ships supposed to bring people? Again, no official response from EU, but every single country has one: not in my home.


The problem is that the country is now split between right wing parties who pander to artificially constructed fears of those imigrants and Merkels party is split between the left and right wing parts that would almost have ended the current goverment over single headed decisions our bavarian fraction does and later blames the other side for splitting the country. :roll_eyes:

It could work if we hadn´t so many far right wing goverments in other european countries already. Germany bowing down now would mean nothing but more deaths at sea.