What are(n’t) you shaving right now?

Dr. Brian May would like to dissent.

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I think that is largely true because the best guitar solos were played at times when beards were in fashion.
Although there are exceptions to every rule… Angus never grew his beard.

Did anyone in AC/DC? I´m not sure.

Also Neil Young sported an impressive beard quite often, but not when he recorded Cortez The Killer and Like A Hurricane I believe.

apart from the occasional sideburn or Phil Rudd’s mustache in 1975, no.
Although Bon did before joining AC/DC (look for Fraternity)

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I´d almost have guessed he would have been the one. No idea why. Maybe because he was a bit older.

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As sad as it is, one article I read during the soccer world cup was about Iranian women that could for the first time, in Russia, see a match without wearing a beard. Naturally, that reminded me of Monty Python, though it left a bitter after-taste.

In German: Bartlose Revolution bei WM: Irans Frauen finden die Freiheit in Russland - n-tv.de

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Interesting. I recently (half a year ago) switched from Braun to Phillips, mostly because the old razor was broken, but also because I was under the impression that latter would be better for sensitive skin. So far I am not disappointed (I don’t have problems with either one as long as I apply plenty of aftershave), though I think the Braun achieved acceptable results faster.

Otherwise, I confess I do not wear (and never wore) a beard. I only shave every other day, however. (Reminds me of a colleague who once said he’d only shave after showering, and he usually wore a full beard …)

I haven’t tested several models and brands. Which Phillips model do you have?

Isn´t it amazing how iran slowly goes through a very important and welcome modernisation phase right now and Trump still treats them like the Iran of the 1990s?


They do, but are still miles from the state they were in before the revolution. Not to diverge into dangerous political territory (although this thread has been on topic for far too long!), I never really understood why Iran has such a bad image. Really had high hopes for the future when the sanctions were lifted. Now, who knows …


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I’m lucky in that I naturally don’t have any hair on my lower legs. So, I just have to shave around the bikini area and my underarms.

My face has some annoying hairs on it, so my plan was to use an epilator I bought on Amazon to remove them. That was painful and it didn’t work well.

I’m still intending on getting professional laser or electrolysis done on the hairs on my face to get rid of them forever.

Have you tried a/different razor(s) for men?

It took me a while, and a lot of bloody nicks, to find the men’s razor that would do the job without cutting me all up.

Gillette Sensor 3 works well for the annoying hairs on my face, but I have to use another razor elsewhere if I don’t want to get cut all up.

The Gillette Venus Embrace has the moisture like the Sensor 3, but it has a large, padded surface around the razors that work well along the upper legs, bikini area, and underarms.

It works terribly on the face though, so I do have to stock up on both. That’s another reason I want to zap those pesky facial hairs away forever.

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One of the more annoying Anglo-Saxon influences.


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The Embrace is the one I use, too :slightly_smiling_face: It’s the only one that’s gentle enough. That padded bit with aloe is really helpful.

I know people who have found that useful. Sounds like a good way to permanently get rid of the buggers like you say!

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That’s a problem we men have too.

And again: that’s valid for men too. :slight_smile:

But sometimes there are good reasons to shave. For example less sweating/smelling (if we talk about the hair under the arms) or even medical reasons.

That’s indeed the best method, but also the most expensive. I would consult a good dermatologist if you would like to “laser” your hair away. :slight_smile:

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True, I shave my face for societal reasons. I don’t think there’s much of a stronger shaving culture in America for men though, is there? Whereas for women it’s even worse there.

I don’t think it makes much of a difference one way or the other.