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What about drawing/changing the top graphics of this forum?


Good idea. And since no one volunteered yet to make it I’ve made it myself: Thimbleweed Park™ Forums fixes
Apart from the default header image and my “improved” version I’ve now added: Books and Cemetery.

You don’t need graphic artists for some copy&paste, one programmer is enough!


I’m just uploading the images here to reduce access to external resources.


I like the third one.


The third one is the full size cemetery (main layer) with a width of 2358 pixels (with extended background layers to fill the whole width).

The second one is the one I’ve used previously on userstyles, it’s the same image as the full width one but resized to a width of 1920 (“Full HD”).
I had to use a version with reduced colours since there is a size limit on userstyles for images. I’m now referencing this image from here instead, although still not perfect because Discourse converted this image to JPEG (which it hasn’t with the third one).

Btw. the first image uploaded here isn’t actually the one used via userstyles, I’ve added a little Easter egg there :slight_smile:


It looks like one of those 90s magic eye pictures and seems to spell out something…


Oh yeah. I could never get those to work for me!


Me neither. Or… I always got those in reverse. You know, you should focus “behind” the picture, but I actually always crossed my eyes and focus in front of it, so whatever I had to see was engraved instead of embossed, making it basically impossible to recognize.


Me neither at the time they were all the rage (and it made me crazy like Mr Pitt in that one Seinfeld episode). But about 10 years ago I dug about one of the old books and tried it and suddenly it worked somehow. I don´t really know why, though.


I always did that thing and always obtained the reversed version of the stereogram. It was like a superpower.


Must feel like being able to punch holes into everything with your eyes…awesome!


The height of the third one is also smaller, right?

Can you tell me what this limit is?

Could you give me the original image (which I assume was in a non-lossy image compression format)? I would like to experiment with it a bit and see if I can motivate Discourse to keep it in its original format.


Anyway, I have to confess that my interest about changing the top graphics of the forum wasn’t a personal one. I’m OK with the graphics. I was thinking more about a “heading of the month” thing, something that everyone could see.


They all have the same height of 140px which is the default header height with the default forum style here.
Since I use the compact header option I ensure they look good at a height of 82px (vertically centered).

First a clarification: This is a limit about screenshot sizes you are allowed to upload on, it has nothing to do with userstyles in general.
The limit is about 200 KiB. Also you can upload only up to 5 images and they are meant to “demonstrate what your style does”.

I assume it’s either using JPEG or PNG depending on which one results in a smaller file size. The full size image uses the original pixels from Mark while the other one was resized, i.e. having a lot of interpolated pixels making PNG less efficient.
I’ve already tried adding a transparent pixel to prevent JPEG conversion but it didn’t work.

Here’s the download.


I don’t care, so I made another one.


Sweeeeeet, can you do the other directly connected rooms, too. Pretty please? :slight_smile:


OK, updated:


Can I ask you which resizing/interpolation algorithm did you use?

This is your resized version in PNG format. Discourse shouldn’t convert it to a lossy format:

When you copy-and-paste an image from clipboard to a Discourse window, Discourse will receive “raw” data and it will try to compress it as the CMS wishes. But if you use the “upload” option of Discourse, your image file should be kept as it is, unless it’s really big.

It could be possible to make the resource even smaller working on the interpolation algorithm you used when resizing it.

Also, your fullsize version wasn’t optimized. I was able to remove 17% of its size keeping the pixels identical:




Thanks. Read above to see what I did.


This didn’t work for me: I did go to ‘Add an image’, ‘From my device’, clicked on ‘Upload’ and then it showed me the snipped with .jpg as file extension.

I just did it again and it was the same. Then again and now it’s .png, then again: .jpg, then .png…
There may be some caching issue or maybe there are multiple image conversion workers which behave differently.

e.g. I’ve now uploaded twice the file ‘cemetery resized (v3).png’ and got this as result:
![Thimbleweed Park™ Forums fixes - cemetery resized|690x50](upload://w0TD6KiJEWvR3KC8PgMrNDshokX.jpg)
![cemetery resized (v3) (1)|690x50](upload://tPT7xZNVM008vvkBst05ZZEoSZp.png)

Note the different filenames which actually don’t match the filename I’ve used at this point in time, but were older ones I’ve used previously (files which had the same content).

It would be smaller when using a simpler algorithm (like nearest-neighbour) but for down-scaling that’s not what I want to do. Size issues were a concern for only anyway which I didn’t want to use anyway.

It doesn’t really matter in this case because after uploading to Discourse similar optimisation is applied which results in the file I am referencing in the style.