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What are you listening to right now?


Yup, that´s what everyone´s been telling me. I only need to find out where I can get a new one.


I would ask Rickie or Leonard…


If my PC was powered with a tube, maybe.


It isn’t? :open_mouth:


Well I´m sure there is one or another. What do they do?


That’s actually quite soothing. I clearly need some white noise.


As a computer scientist I can say that they are there to power your toilet.


I popped possibly the best gangsta rap album of all time in my DVD player. It’s actually somewhat disappointing.

Wikipedia says that according to Kanye West, he got his entire sound from the worst track of the album (not counting the misogynistic interludes).


I’m continuing my track down memory lane with a mix-CD full of tracks I barely even remember. I wonder if this Papa Roach To Be Loved track currently playing came from the CD (which I own) or just some crappy downloaded mp3. Probably the latter, because otherwise the CD is mastered kinda badly. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’ve never seen this video clip. I don’t think I’ve been missing out…)


Blimey, that takes me back. I went to see Papa Roach when me and my mate were in sixth form. He sung with a dustbin over his head and when he took it off there was blood running down his face.

All about the music, obviously.


This mix-CD went from a couple of Plain White T songs I barely remember to a bunch of Papa Roach songs I mostly do. It’s not very balanced. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if I should label it, throw it out, or leave it be for curiosity in another decade…


Definitely that one :wink:


lol, I kind of want to get rid of the Plain White Ts and I’ve got the actual Papa Roach CDs though :wink:


Oh those guys who lifted their most famous riff from an old iron maiden instumental :smirk:


Is that Papa Roach’s most famous one? :stuck_out_tongue:

My mix-CD is finishing up with Robbie Williams. Pretty weird stuff. I have no idea what I was thinking there, lol.


I didn’t know about that. I don’t think it sounds exactly the same though – there’s more variation in the notes in PR’s version. I’m not defending them, this is just my impression :wink:


Oh, there was something else in my mix-CD… a pretty decent grunge-y electro band of which I forget the name. Something vaguely Garbage-like but much better.

And now… Bloodhound Gang. Cringe.


And now Bowie:

When will it end?! :stuck_out_tongue:

(I mean, I like this song but it’s all so random.)


Guess the noise.


No way, now it’s Avril Lavigne:

My conspiracy theory is that Kristen Bell pretends to be Avril in her spare time, just like Hannah Montana.