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What are you listening to right now?


…Iggy Pop?

It kinda goes with Bowie, I suppose.


I’m going to need to do that with my headphones, 'cause on my laptop I just hear the slightest vague clicking/scraping noise even turned all the way up.


Cannot listen to any of those things on the phone it seems. :neutral_face:


Something from raw power would have been even closer to david bowie.


A clock with old batteries. Or a cat scratching at the couch while someone is ringing the doorbell in the background.


Yeah, that’s pretty accurate so far. You need to listen to the end.

No… Wow, I thought you’d get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I should know it? Oh, man, … that pressure!


Well, you and a few others too. Is the latter part not familiar?


It could be scrolling through one billion new forum posts. But I’ve never heard that bell or what it is… :thinking:


Nope. A bit closer though.


Wasn’t today the day that we were gonna listen to comparative English pronunciation sentences by @PiecesOfKate and @tasse-tee? Can’t wait for that! :smiley:


Yes but so far only one line has been submitted :stuck_out_tongue:


How much else do you need?


I thought we’d do a few? Plus that was a comedy line, really.


How about some Shakespeare then? Though such old timey things might not be naturally pronopronounced. Damn autocorrect


Oh lol, it’s clearly walking although I’m not sure in which game. Maniac Mansion?


At least you didn’t write ‘pornopronounced’ :wink:

I’m off out soon so maybe tomorrow. I’ll write a list of sentences so @tasse-tee can do the same ones.

Ooh, some’s nearly got it, finally :slight_smile: it’s quite recently familiar.


Huh, was that in the secret room then or something? I guess you’re playing a version with slightly different sounds than the C64 version I’m playing.


I thought also about Zak, but the sounds are different in the C64 and the FM Towns version. And I can’t assign the bell…