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What are you seeing right now?


I’m staring at a pint of Peanut Butter Marshmellow Crush ice cream waiting for it to melt enough to be spooned into a mug… and into my belly.

(No photos, my place is a mess)


Seeing my tomato salad, three slices of bread with stuff on top and Picard trying to save a planet and Q.
Oh, and a glass of sparkling water.


Could this thread be called “are you seeing anyone right now?” :thinking:


“Or any… thing?” That could raise a whole load more questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



So you loves your gun?

Or maybe you’re seeing a Michael Moore documentary right now…


Damn Mindbenders!! :roll_eyes:
They succeeded in their plan to make people more stupid!


Oh no!!! :scream:

I wonder if that’s been happening in America too? Take a look at the decline of landline phones there… maybe they’ve realised what’s going on!!


Do we need smarter people when we have smart phones?


“OK Google. Call The King.”


And still yet, they voted Trump :thinking:

then again… the numbers match those of the votes pretty close too. :smile:


Thinking really hard now what you edited in that three week old post. :thinking:

Also, are you digging through the archives now? I´m just getting a few likes for really old posts now. :slight_smile:


I accidentally had a

in there (I do that a lot), so I removed it.

Someone liked my post with the picture of the fly, and that made me re-read some of the ensuing ones because they were quite funny :smile: then I noticed some posts I hadn’t seen before (I must’ve skipped them by accident), and thought they were worth a couple of likes :slight_smile:



Uh oh :neutral_face:
How long have you been seeing it for?


Windows Update shows me it again and again since -hm- round about 90 minutes.


Spegni il computer, and then…


un-spegni it? :sweat_smile:


At the momento it will spegni and un-spegni automatico each 10 minuti. Or something like that. :wink:


Oh dear Mr. Someone, are you struggling too with nerve-cracking unrespectful work-destroying upgrade-policy by Microsoft?

Then try this (it worked on two laptops):
configure your internet connection as usual. Configure your Windows upgrades as usual (if you can, choose only the important ones, I don’t remember if this is possible on Windows Treat, ahem Ten.)
Then: go on somewhere of those labirintic mad doubled options (you have to search among those that have the interface made for tablets but needed on PC too), and find the type of connection. Select the option for the pay-per-web type of connection (as you would pay depending on quantity of traffic you use.)
This should finally let you decide when the upgrades are done, since the computer has been set up like you were paying for that internet connection depending on quantity of traffic.


I remember this is called a “metered” connection in my laptop settings.