What is your in-game phone number?

There are officially 1 million billion entries in the phonebook and I only chose a couple randoms to call.

We’ve already got a thread about famous people in the phonebook.

If I am going to call anyone else’s voicemail in the game, I figure it may as well be the people I’m actually interacting with here on the board!

So what are your numbers?

You can dial me at 8303. Hopefully at least a couple people get my voicemail reference :stuck_out_tongue:

Look it up (hehe). :wink:

Mine is 4479 :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to see if people get it (particularly those not from UK)…

I shall listen to yours tonight!

I want to call every number, anyway.

Heheh, I listened to @a.ammo’s but had to Google it. I get it now :slight_smile:

I also listened to @ZakPhoenixMcKracken’s and @Jupp’s but realised they’re not in English. They sound good judging from the intonations though!

Mine is 2664 :slight_smile:
I can´t remember the count of tries I needed for that…
It was the last evening where you where able to submit and I submited it 2 mins before it closed.
I´m not sure if it is a stupid message or not. But now it is there :slight_smile:
But who cares, it´s in German and most won´t understand it therefore.
It´s just a big reference to ZakMcKracken.
But it´s not very loud and does not sound like most others, you know, like on the phone.

But it´s me! It´s mine! :smiley:

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Is say something like: “If you are the Cops or Financial Agents, you dialed the wrong number. For everyone else, please leave your message after the beep.”

Aha, I thought it was something like that :slight_smile:

Is this the moment where I give my “IRL” phone number. After all, Chuck told us of endless upper worlds, meaning we aren’t at the top of the proverbial food chain. Oh wait, do you mean one’s in-game-in-game phone number?

@PiecesOfKate I have never heard any of those phrases before, but I think I got what it was going for :joy:

Not a lot of these are in English. Oh well. Still, Congratulations to @tlammert for being able to say all of them in the allotted time!


I remember yours. I stumbled upon it during a long session of callings and I think it’s one of the most original and funny that I have listened. :slight_smile:

Its style reminded me a bit of the voicemail message left by Dave Grossman.

Aw, cheers :slight_smile: I had fun recording that.

I really liked DG’s message too. Made me think of the Dr Seuss books - delightfully silly.

Actually I had to look up yours, to get it. It’s quite a freaky slang, you have… :relaxed:

Haha, I’m glad you took the time to translate it.

We don’t all speak like that, just for the record :wink:


I won the random number lottery on the Thimbleweed Park blog. I did some silly thing about being kidnapped by Christopher Walken and some muppets. Had way too much fun with it, switching between voices, trying to make it fit in the 15 seconds. Silly stuff, but had a great time, and it was a treat when I heard it in game.

I´m not making any promises, but much much too late I suddenly had an idea for a voicemail message now.

My plan is to dig up some sort of audio recording of my voice in actual 1987! When I find one I will share it here.

Will it be super adorable or super awkward? You decide! :baby_bottle: :baby:


Visual accompaniment:


October 1987 (hey, that´s when Maniac Mansion was released!)

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Hm… On that photo you look much younger than today. That’s really suspicious…

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However due to the enlargement almost as pixelated!

You know, like in the 30s everyone was black and white and in the 80s everyone was pixelated.


Those are some happy gnashers!

Apparently I actually made that assumption when I was little :flushed: (though about photos of our family from the 1980s, as my parents took lots in black and white).