What should I do with my future?

That’s true. It is still on my own to-do list as well, so you are not alone. :wink:
Well, I admit that I haven’t decided yet if I really want to get children. It’s a big decision.

… and implement the “perfect” UI in this game.


If any one of you guys wants to have a meaningless Las Vegas Style Marriage here in the forum I can be the priest for you, it´s really not that hard, just ask a few questions and wear an Elvis Costume, what could possilby go wrong?

This question hits a bit too close to home.

My answer depends on your age. But all possibilities can be summed up in: “find something you love, do the hell out of it until you hate it, find new interest, repeat”.

Be productive and enjoy life, as long as your lifestyle and interests 1) don’t hurt others 2) provide you at least a bit of a “parachute” in case you *beep* everything up so you don’t end up homeless and broke.


But you’ll tell me the correct lotto numbers for next week?

Why? :slight_smile: Does the age really matter?

It’s interesting that you and all others made “conservative” suggestions. I thought that this thread would be a collection of thrilling activities, like:

  • drive the route 66
  • drive around Australia
  • jump out of an airplane with a parachute
  • visit the zoo in <insert-fancy-city-here>
  • stick your finger into your nose
  • fart in an elevator

Or something like this. :slight_smile: Maybe TWP players are all family related persons?


Sure, if the money finally helps you deciding your future…

I´m not, I don´t even have pets. :slight_smile:

It makes it easier. :wink:

No spiders, silverfishes, pill bugs or woodworms?

Okay cross that. They don´t live with me I live with them!

Isn’t that valid for all pets?

Certainly for some cat people I´d guess.

Ahh, so that’s what you’re looking for!

  • Team up with some friends to re-enact a scene from a film, in the middle of a city.
  • Play elevator music in an elevator that has none.
  • Go on holiday to a country you’ve never heard of before.
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Actually I was open for all suggestions, but after being here in this forum for a while I hadn’t expected only conservative answers. :slight_smile: btw: Nobody has suggested to buy a pet or plants (yet). It seems that children are more “important”?

That’s a great idea!

Sound interesting, but isn’t that a little bit dangerous? If I get kidnapped, I haven’t any future… :slight_smile:

I´ve actually done that with friends. We all had sunglasses and suits so we re-enacted the opening credits scene from Reservoir Dogs we even walked in slow motion and one of us (might have been me) sang “Little Green Bag”…we had fun…

How about a pet plant and call it…


It’s not the mere number that matters, rather your current situation, but still, the younger you are, the more chances you have. For example, I have wife and kids, I can’t (or don’t want to) walk anymore some roads that are incompatible with my family situation. My wife and I would have loved to travel the world, finding jobs and moving to a new state every second year, but we want stability for our kids, so… no can do.

Because that’s not the answer to “what should I do with my future”. Thrilling activities aren’t anyone’s “future”. Doing something with your future means finding some long-term goal. You should have asked “what should I do in my future” maybe.

Then, I’d have answered: travel to Sardinia, parachute, run a marathon, publish an adventure game.

In that order! Take a plane to Sardina, parachute out of it, after you land you run a marathon to @Guga ´s house and the both of you develop on an adventure game that you eventually publish.



Ah, Ok. Yes, you are right.

But wouldn’t that be possible in the future when your kids are grown up? :slight_smile:

Why not / why they can’t be? For example wouldn’t it be thrilling to work for the police as a detective? Isn’t it thrilling to go to the university if I’m 81? Isn’t it thrilling to start a career as a rock musician?

Of course I admit that each person has its own definition of “thrilling”. :slight_smile: But aren’t we all trying to make our lives most thrilling (as we can)?

I would do that - but I will never jump out of a plane with a parachute (if it’s not really necessary). Beside that, I’m not very good in drawing graphics - @Guga: You aren’t an artist? :slight_smile:

Which character were you?

I know you probably want to use an answer to that question to psychoananalyse me again, but I have to dissapoint you, it was a spontanous action where we didn´t assign any characters to anyone in particular and we were not enough people anyway (only about four or something).

@PiecesOfKate has a doctor degree in psychology? :scream:

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Of course, but that’s not going to happen for another 15 years, so it’s my “future future”. I’d like to focus on one future at a time :smiley:

And I agree, some life choices might be thrilling, but you listed things like parachuting which, unless you become a professional instructor, isn’t something “future defining” :stuck_out_tongue: oh, I forgot - learn to fly a plane. That would be thrilling.

I’m a lot of things! Artist, writer, musician, actor, game designer, traffic policeman…

No seriously, I’m just a software developer with a lot of hobbies, and I did the graphics for my own game, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be an artist.

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You don´t need a doctors degree, my dad also “only” had a diploma. Also at least in germany the word “psychologist” isn´t even protected, everyone can call himself that as long as he doesn´t claim to have a diploma or a doctors degree.

Describes me perfectly.

This whole thread makes me wonder if we all will eventually end up like in this Episode:

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