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What should I do with my future?



What´s Bart´s fake name in the original and/or italian? In german it´s “Rüdiger” :slight_smile:


And here is the soundtrack to that typo:


I was reading the English script, it’s Rudiger in English too. In Italian is “Ratigher”, which isn’t even a real name, so it was probably even funnier. Fun fact: “Ratigher” is the pseudonym of an Italian cartoonist - inspired by that sketch, of course.


When did I psychoanalyse you before? I don’t recall that. But it does sound like something I’d do.

Still, shame :wink:

Oh, the irony.


More than you realize, I suppose. :wink:

Erm…that´s not a typo. What I meant to say was “diss a point”. Meaning yours. Stupid point, you…


Obviously you’re just ripe for it :wink:

That’s… not a bad recovery.


If there is one thing I´m halfway decent at, it might as well be damage control.


Argh, Americanisation! :scream:

A good video game for me would be one where the protagonist has to take down the bad grammar/spelling. Ooh, and the weapons could be dictionaries and thesaurus… thesaurus… oh, thesauruses, okay.

Now someone make it. In fact @Someone could make it, as part of his future plans. Link back to original post NAILED.


With or without you a degree: She knows what we are thinking! And she is familiar with grammar! We are doomed!


Didn’t we had that already?

Very clever, Mrs. Psychologist. Very clever. But you won’t get me!


There’s also its original latin plural “thesauri”, if you don’t like thesauruses :slight_smile:

You are SOMEONE!
Believe in yourself and do SOMETHING you like!



Go into politics:)
I just did. I discovered a party that matches me so well that I could not help but join.

But mainly what someone else said: figure out what you like doing and go for it. Life is short and you get only one (well maybe more if you’re LeChuck but it’s not really a life is it?).



I forgot about this thread.

So now I have to ask: @Someone, what did you end up doing?


He made up his mind. @Someone will obviously live Somewhere with @Someoneelse, they will have some children, he’ll choose something as a job and will have a life full of some happiness.


And then some! :wink:


I´m also sure that he is responsible…for something!


Playing TWP again and registered at an online dating service.

Maybe someday.


Isn´t Thimbleweed Park alone a great way to meet girls? :wink:


Well, I’ve met only two fantastic girls online (@PiecesOfKate and @tasse-tee). :wink:


Fixed. :slight_smile: