What would you put in Room 101?

Some tickets in NRW doesn’t differ between children and adults (as it seems - NRW has a lot of different tickets. And with “a lot” I mean a huge heap.)

That’s happening weekdays in NRW also: We have several tickets where you can take somebody along with you (but mostly at specific times).

(And we have special tickets for people at age 60 and above - I’ll add this to my post above.)


Except they weren’t that kind of ticket. They were run of the mill second class tickets. And I’m against having my name on the ticket in the first place.

(Then there was the guy who tried to sit in first class with it practically right next to us…)

These are regular second class tickets I’m talking about. :wink: The only tickets you have not to show your ID are the ones you get at a ticket machine and the expensive monthly tickets that aren’t bound to a specific person (and that you can give to any other person).

In those cases they will note down your address anyway because this is considered as dodging the fare. (Except we have the rare case where the ticket inspector is very nice.)

I remember handing over the ticket to an inspector once who gave me a look of surprise that clearly said to me :“I´d never have expected a person looking like this having a ticket at all!”


To me as well :slight_smile:

If only they respected it! (It’s a common misbehaviour to be honest)

@Someone @Frenzie @milanfahrnholz
All that talk about German train tickets and ticket inspectors brings this to my mind

(Conveniently set at the correct starting time)


That’s a perfect summary! :slight_smile:

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You can tell it is a saturday when I´m hopping around between 3 or 4 different threads talking to people about anything but whatever those threads were originally about. :man_shrugging:


Ikr, what a mess.

Chaos is fun! :smiling_imp:


That’s the right spirit! :smiley:


It’s called “being in
touch with your feminine side”

:woman: ← me
:cowboy_hat_face: ← my dreamboat @Sushi wearing his fave hat :wink:

Call me maybe.


How did you guess? It is my only hat!

No idea what the rest of your post is supposed to mean… but I like that song too! Catchy :ear: :snake:!

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Frenzie Rae Jepsen? Carly Rae Frenzie? :smile:

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So here is my number, would you like…call me…maybe…no? :cry:


Aww! But we already did… well if your twitch was cooperating a bit.

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The problem is not my twitch but my connection to the playstation network. And I have no idea how to fix this.

Which is shame because at the moment I could really easily stream a bit of me playing No Man´s Sky because that doesn´t really demand too much of my attention and I could easily chat a bit while doing that.

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Maybe you could prop your phone up somewhere so that it’s recording the TV while you’re playing?
If you found the right angle, we could see you through the front-facing camera as well :stuck_out_tongue: (if Twitch even lets you do that on a phone)

I think you can stream twitch from your phone, I´d only need to install the app there first. It worked a lot better on my phone than on the PS4 afterall.

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