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What would you put in Room 101?


I think I was thinking of that dude from Friends.



So I´m sitting here, paper piling up wearing my barely glued up glasses, yay me! But at least I make an ace curiously terrified pirate. :pirate_flag:


You shouldn’t see these little things so negative …

… then go out! There is this thing called “nature”. It’s more thrilling than Netflix. Well, that’s what I heard from a friend. But it seems to be very interesting out there …

That’s a sign of creativity and you are able to handle confusing situations!

Setting a new trend in glasses design!

(Everything is a matter of the viewpoint.)


What are you doing to make all this paper pile up? Are you hammering away on a typewriter then dramatically ripping it out and screwing it up? That’s my preferred fantasy :smile:


Well, then I don´t want to change anything about that!


Now I’ve been thinking about the X-Files episode, Milagro, mwahahaha.


You´re bonkers…I like that. :slight_smile:




I´m still not sure whether the new crazy face might not be a tad bit toooo crazy.


I thought that after I posted it. I mean I’m not foaming-at-the-mouth-here’s-Johnny crazy.


Yeah, I remember when I hypnotised you with the Twilight Zone opening spiral and the old one was perfect for that. I mean It was hypnosis and not lobotomy!


:door: people who suddenly stop on stairs


and :door: people walking right in front of you who suddenly stop


Soooo many tourists in London do that.


Ahem…did you fall over a 12 year old in 1998? :smirk:


Yes! I remember it like it was yesterday.


Couldn´t have been me then, I only had the nicest encounters.

Which was kind of remarkable actually, all the girls smiled at me!
This has never happened to me in germany! :open_mouth:


:door: people who suddenly stop walking right after they left an escalator.


Yes! That’s bloody annoying too. Or people who stop after going through train barriers.

File > Open > Pandora’s box


Maybe we could make a law that forbids stopping at all? :thinking: