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What would you put in Room 101?


What a :de: way of thinking!



Nah, obviously that is the :belgium: way. :grin:


You’d think we wouldn’t need it. It really hurts when someone scrapes on the back of one’s foot!


i wonder what else I can pin on born & bred Belgians. ^_^


Waffles should pin well.


I am listening… :upside_down_face:


Every door is left/right handed, it just depends whether you go through it from this side or the other side. So we all have to switch hands.

Except if you’re texting while opening a door, then you use your free hand.
(Also noticed that in real life, like right now)


This dude makes a good point.


:door:no more podcasts…


In due time! But since I´m not responsible anymore I´m not the one who can make any promises at this time.


And, what about…
:door: people who stand in a really bothering spot (ie: a narrow passage) while there’s plenty other places to stay?


Haha, yeah. And, people who have an umbrella up but insist on standing under the only bit of shelter as well.


:door: Old people who haven’t learned to handle their rollator/wheeled walker and overrun your feets with this little gadget …


:door: new parents who use their pushcart as a battering ram, simply because they think they have right-of-way on the rest of the world simply because they carry an ugly brat.


Doesn’t @yrface meant the official TWP podcast?


:100: x that.


Well, I´d understand if he missed those, because so do I!


But ya gotta see the baby, now!!!


Well, I think we can agree that we all miss both podcasts … :slight_smile: