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What would you put in Room 101?


15 squids?
Oh, I see. The old bribe-with-seafood-technique.


Just about equals three quarks for muster mark.


Never fails. My pockets are full of prawns.


Have you ever thought to pawn the prawns?


I could pawn the prawns, but then I’d be prawnless and forlorn.


Without a shrimp of hope? Better hang onto them, but try not to crab your pants too much!


:door: End of holiday season/vacations.


:door: Several things at home breaking at once (lightbulbs, lamps, etc) all on a saturday when I can´t buy replacements for at least two days. :angry:


That’s annoying. Why can’t you buy replacements for two days?


Because it happened yesterday and it´s a sunday (And I´m not sure I have the time on monday).

And this has to happen in winter too, when it´s dark most of the time (our weather is real crap atm, too). :unamused:


Oh dear. Candles? Could make it all cosy and atmospheric!


That´s sounds cool, I´m gonna go out and buy…ohhh…ah well I mean I have some light left at least(it´s not like they all went out, but still two in the same room is a bit much for a weekend day!), so with that little there is now it´s cosy and atmospheric anyway (and I´m glad I don´t have to worry about having to leave the house with weather like this!). :slight_smile:


Hindsight is 20/20, but when you go shopping, pick up some spare bulbs at least. And candles (and don’t forget the matches). Lamps, though, not expecting those to break.

:door: Modern LED bulbs with their inadequate light distribution (buying 100W equivalents, and still sitting in the dark!)


Sure I had some. My mistake was not checking beforehand that they had run out. (at least the ones that would fit).

That was a very old one, don´t know exactly what happened but it just doesn´t work anymore now, I must have broken it somehow. :man_shrugging:

And those that take ages to reach their full brightness (like a rarely spend enough time on the toilet for that one to be of any use!) !


Handy for power cuts, too (second to a torch, which doesn’t risk setting the house on fire :smirk:) Guess I’m biased because I light lots of candles anyway.


Update: Yay, I had forgotten I had a spare lamp! Everything fine now! :slight_smile:

Sounding like you speak from experience there.

Sounds like a cool way to spend an evening

:writing_hand: takes notes…


Haha, nice conversation here! I’m jumping in.
I do love led bulbs. I like that they offer a Wide customization while providing great energy saving.
Yeah if you expect from them the simplicity of the old bulbs, well you could be disappointed.
Take a look at: temperature of light (in Kelvin as the stars)
Quantity of light ( in lumen) you Need to reach at least 1400 lumens for a warm White (2700 - 3000 k light) in my opinion to reach the equivalent of the old 100 w bulbs. If The light emitted by the diods (leds) goes in all the directions, you could need even 1500 1600 lumens (depending also on the shape of the room and lamp).
I also love candles. I love warm light in general. Especially during Winter! (I would not even take off the Christmas decorations until spring!)


but requiring more resources to manufacture and being harder to recycle. And with the low energy consumption, no need to turn off the light any more when leaving the room, right? :wink:

I’m all for energy saving, but I am a little sceptic if LED bulbs are really so eco friendly. (Still leagues better than all those newfangled one-way lamps with the LEDs built right in, though).

Buying bulbs is more like a science now. Back then, knowing the socket type and how many watts the old bulb had pretty much had you covered. Now you have so many parameters to keep in mind and sizes and models to chose from; it’s insane. Buying a new bulb seems to require the same level of preparation as buying a new laptop, camera or smartphone! (I just bought an additional lamp to make reading on the living room sofa a bit more pleasant, because none of the LED bulbs I tried would light up the room sufficiently)


:door: SUVs

We have rather small streets in Regensburg and it´s not even like the countyside around it is THAT remote either. But especially in the city, I don´t get people who think they need these boats with wheels.


You always find me on your side speaking of those.
I hardly find reasons to use them (that even exist but not in today’s proportions)

And you’ve been good to them here! :stuck_out_tongue: