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What's for dinner?


Those winter mornings when it’s all dark outside, and the flame under the coffe pot keeps you company before the smell starts to spread out…


Looks like only we two get the joke … :wink:


I can imagine that. Unfortunately, in Germany, electrical (and perhaps nowadays induction) are very much the norm. The first time we rented a flat for vacation and were greeted by a gas stove was quite exciting. After managing to turn it on without blowing up the house, I quite liked it, however. It’s a different kind of cooking when you can apply the heat at will (although I thought induction was maybe also more responsive than electrical? never used it so far, but yeah, once a pot is hot, it will stay hot).


Well, theoretically, induction is like gas. You change the heat at your will. I think you probably have to get used to the new pots, rather than the new hob. Electric is different. It has much more latency in getting hot and cooling down.


When you’re used to gas, where lowering the flame has an instant effect on the heat provided, switching to electric has that problem: the transitions are smoother. If you have some particular recipe where after N minutes you switch from high to low flame because whatever, you can’t do it the same way on electric. The first time you try, you’ll burn your food. You need trial and error to understand how and when to lower / increase the heat to cook correctly.

But when you learn and get to know your stove, then it’s fine. I feel that on electric it’s easier to cook on low heat. And I might be wrong, but I think the heat is better distributed on electric.

By the way, the fact that it stays hot even after turning it off is sometimes an advantage. You can keep food warm just by leaving it there after cooking. Or maybe you’re done cooking the first course and can re-heat the second course by putting the pan on the turned off stove while you serve and eat the first course.


Or save energy by turning it off before the meal is done. For example you can turn off the plate before the water is boiling. Then there is still enough heat in the plate to boil the water.


The legendary iced bun, ruler of all it surveys…


Preparing for Sauerbraten

This will now sit in the fridge until next weekend. Then I’ll post results.


Cake pops for the upcoming birthday of my daughter :smiley: I hope they taste as good as they look.


Excuse me, I have to confiscate these cake pops :female_detective:


Making spaghetti with meatballs. I hope I don´t have to spit them out again in ten minutes when the election results are in! :crossed_fingers:


I look at the Greens and Katharina Shulze (another Kate! :slightly_smiling_face:) with interest: from what I’ve read, they chose a clever political position.


Even on gas if you’re cooking on a strange stove you should just lift it up if you want to get rid of heat. :slight_smile:


Ooh, picture please! Even if you do spit it out.


There is NO other. :smirk:


Even or especially? :smirk: You naughty one.


That’s the typical nightmare of an italian mind about a German cooking spaghetti! :laughing:


It´s tasty and fills me up, everything else I don´t care for, you food snob. :it:


Hahaha, I just like to tease your good sense of humour, Milan :wink:

Btw have you ever seen this? :grin:


Mm yum! Are they pork?

How dare you, I am a lady! :smirk: