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What's for dinner?


Actually GIMME NOW! :wink:


Never! All of this vicarious deliciousness is mine!


You may have some of Milan’s if he hasn’t imaginary eaten it all yet.


I fear that he has done it yet. :frowning:


I can imaginary eat faster than you can google imaginary rejected Bloodhound Gang album covers.

And no one who wasn´t fast enough to have seen that will know what I mean by that! :crazy_face:


i m a g-
yep, the slice is gone




So, it was my daughter’s birthday this week. And since my wife isn’t happy unless all guests are only able to roll out of the party, she spent the whole week cooking and baking.

It doesn’t look like a lot of stuff. But this was just what was shown. For each pic there was at least thrice the amount waiting to be served once the plates went empty.


Uhh, I forgot the cake!


Wow! That’s all very impressive - especially that cake. I also really like that she labels everything - I’ll eat pretty much anything at parties, but sometimes it’d be nice to know what’s in the sandwiches, etc.

Happy birthday Ilaria!


It started three years ago, when we made our first party for her in German-speaking Zürich. We basically needed people not to ask us questions that we’d have problem answering :stuck_out_tongue: those labels stayed the same until this year we noticed that, duh, the labels were in German and now we live in Italian-speaking Lugano. So she reversed them (you can notice there’s something printed behind the “pizzette”) and hand wrote the new labels with chalk ink.

I’m amazed by her font writing abilities.


Ohhh! :grin:

Yeah, I assumed the letters were printed or glued on or something.


I agree with @PiecesOfKate: That is really, really impressive! @Guga: Is it possible to book your wife for birthdays? :slight_smile:

Yes, like @PiecesOfKate I first thought that you printed them. :slight_smile:

btw: Is “Ilaria” a common name in Italy? I’ve never heard him before.


I’d say it’s pretty common, not Sofia-common, but still I think in the top-20 of the most common Italian female names. It was more popular 20 years ago and now the use is declining, according to the charts I’ve seen.

The problem is that it seems to have no counterpart in other languages, except for the pretty famous Hillary / Hilary in English, which is however not that common and mostly known due to Clinton.


I really like the name Ilaria. And for some reason, even though I don’t know her, it seems to suit her – I think it’s because it sounds ‘floaty’ and dream-like, like the way she floats in and out of your dreams :smiley:


It certainly sounds like something from ancient roman myth.

But then you realise it derives from the same word stem as “hilarious”…


That’s why we named her Ilaria :smiley: it means “happy girl”.

That, and we had a common friend named Ilaria who was a very nice person.


Just wanted @milanfahrnholz to know he’s not the only one who cooks ready-made meatballs.

And this is my pre-dinner snack


French Comté, matured for at least six months on TWP forum to get that slightly nutty touch.


The Best Bleeping French Comté™.