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What's for dinner?


Sauerbraten the 2nd: after a week of marinating, it’s been sautéed, and is now slowly cooking in the marinade for the next 2 hours.


That is great. I can’t wait to see the final result.


Yesterday’s dinner: pizza with sausage and turnip greens:


Tada: waiting to be served

It’s actually not that difficult to prepare, just requires a bit of planning ahead. In fact, the hardest part is procuring the Macaroni, which are the traditional side dish in my family. Seems like a specie of pasta that is close to extinction these days, at least in German supermarkets.


If you have the time (no hurry), would you mind to publish your recipe? I love stewed meats.
Being Italian and all, I don’t think I’ll serve it with macaroni, though.
For two reasons, being the first that we usually don’t use pasta as a side dish, and the second that “macaroni” don’t exist in Italy. Well, I’ve heard that word only in american movies :slightly_smiling_face:
Is that pasta hollow? If so, it is quite similar to “bucatini”, maybe you can find that kind of pasta more easily.
Is there some side dish that can typically come together with Sauerbraten, that you could suggest me to match?

Speaking about super-easy gourmet food to make, we had orecchiette with turnip greens (we used them also for the pizza of yesterday), which is really easy to make but maybe difficult to plan, too (I don’t really know if turnip greens can be commonly found outside Italy)…


I will. The label on the pasta (which are hollow indeed) actually calls them Maccheroncini, though no idea if that’s anything recognizable in Italy. They do indeed look a lot like Bucatini, though I’ve never heard that term before. All I know is they were quite common a decade or two ago, available from multiple brands. Nowadays I only manage to find them made by Barilla, and only in select, big supermarkets.


:open_book: Franconian Sauerbraten

To marinate ~1kg of beef you’ll need approximately
½ tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
¼ tsp cinnamon
3 small onions
1 bay leave
2 dried cloves
5 dried juniper berries
5 dried allspice berries
3 peppercorns
1 tsp mustard seeds
100 ml white wine vinegar

(Or you cheat like I do and buy a pre-made mixture, adding only the ingredients that are missing. I don’t keep allspice, juniper berries or mustard seeds around, as I have little use for them otherwise)

Place the meat into a small pot or container with lid, fill it with water until the meat is submerged, then add in the ingredients for the marinade, stir, close the lid and keep it in the fridge for a couple of days at least. (Since we mostly shop Saturday, it’ll sit for a week in my case, but 2 - 3 days should suffice according to the recipe).

To cook, remove the meat from the marinade and pat it dry. Heat up the marinade, sprinkle the meat with salt and pepper, then sauté and add in part of the marinade and spices until it’s mostly covered. I use a cast iron pot with a heavy lid to cook it on low heat for 2 hours (turning it once after an hour). If you use a lighter pot where the liquid might eventually evaporate, make sure to top up the marinade occasionally.

When it’s nearly done, I prepare the sauce in a separate pot. Start with a dark roux, then add in liquid from the pot with the meat, filtered through a sieve. I also add some cream. If it’s still too sour, some sugar or a bit of water will soften it. If it’s not sour enough, add more marinade. You probably don’t want it as sour as a sweet-and-sour dish at a Chinese restaurant, though.

As for possible sides: dumplings might be a fit (that’s likely the combo you’ll find in a Bavarian restaurant), or perhaps potatoes. For me, I cannot imagine eating anything other than long, hollow pasta with it :slight_smile:.


How do you got the idea to eat pasta with Sauerbraten? It’s not that common in Germany (except Spätzle AFAIK…).

(btw: If someone won’t like do the work he can try this Sauerbraten: … SCNR)


Good question. My grandma did it that way, my father does it that way, so it’s no surprise I can’t even think of doing it any other way. Though how that tradition started exactly I do not know …


Ever since seeing this I always read this thread´s title with Jermaine Clement´s voice in my head. :laughing:




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[1 hour chilling time]


* dances in the elevator *


That’s it, build up an appetite :wink:


Homemade banoffee pie :yum:

Vicarious shot for @milanfahrnholz


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