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What's for dinner?


I actually have one - in case you need one …


Yeah of course you would have one!







But at the end it´s just meatballs. They don´t taste particularly “swedish”. They´re just easier to find in the freezer department of the supermarket than others.

It all tastes fine, btw. Which is most important. :yum:



Uh oh… *hopelessly hypnotised by plate* :crazy_face:


notes down which dish to use in the unlikely case of ever inviting @PiecesOfKate for dinner


And maybe the same might work for @tasse-tee


Official Sega plates?




Hmm… :arrows_counterclockwise: :eyes:
…nope, no effect.

Maybe it’s because I never had a Dreamcast. Try spinning a Playstation 1 disk instead?


Never mind, I know of better ways to charm you anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That PS1 startup sound used to be what I imagined THE FUTURE to sound like back in the mid 90s.


Oh no! The startup sound amplifies its hypnotic power!!! :crazy_face:


Back then we used to think Playstation could turn you into a chimp!

This is the commercial that introduced me to the system back then.

(the guy had a weird american accent in the german dub)


This ad is brilliant :joy:
“I’m talking about THIS!” * hoover gasps *


This was my lunch – a Holy Cheesemas burger from Byron Burger.

Beef patty, American cheese, smoked cheese, cheese crisp, pickled red onions, lettuce, spicy garlic mayonnaise, onion ring, and a scoop of bacon macaroni cheese. Accompanied with fries and a half pint of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Absolutely delicious :drooling_face:



Wait a sec…

Does the beer mug on the right simply say “Beer” on it? :smile: