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What's for dinner?


Yeah. It’s part of their ‘trendy’ brand, I believe :roll_eyes: the waiters all had things like ‘cheese’ and ‘pickle’ on their T-shirts.


Oh, it´s supposed to be funny? :smirk:


Yeah, there seems to be this big thing for stating the bleeding obvious at the moment. I’m looking forward to getting back to obscure metaphors and cryptic labelling.


You could start that yourself. By getting a cat called Rover and a dog called Mittens or something.


My current cats have just read your post. It was nice knowing you.


I never said anyhing about replacing.

What is that scratching sound on my doo…


Doesn’t matter - this is their territoryamos.

Oh did they send Bruno? Say hi from me, it’s been too long!


I´m digging this piano playing ginger joke more than I should!

Now, who is that? :eyes:


My friend and I came up with it at school and I can’t say that word properly now :grin:

Their ‘debt collector’, obviously!


Checks watch
Checks content of “Beer” mug.

I see…


I was looking for some parody of Doom, and I stumbled in this:
(please don’t open it!)

I’ve warned you.


Oooh! Do you think that’s actually edible? I can’t work out what the teeth are.


I guess it’s edible, but I wouldn’t say it’s tasty. Looks like food has been used there only for the purposes of composition, even if there are some things that could match, but probably not in that way (at least this is what my eyes tell me).

The yellow ones are certainly corn, and by similarity in shape I’d say white ones too (white corn). The creator probably wanted to joke about some yellow or golden teeth, or he/she just run out of white ones.


Plan for this evening:

-Cornetti Noodles
-Vegtables (Kidney Beans, Corn, Diced Red Pepper and Peas)
-Ground Meat
-Arrabbiata sauce

And a leftover Chilli Dip from McDonald´s.

I have no idea what it´s called, what nationality it belongs to and I don´t care. I hope it will taste good and fill me up!


Soooooo much left! :yum:

Chili con Carne
  invaded by curled Cornetti.
  Unknown in Italy.


Did you cook that? Sounds tasty.

Strange they’re called there Cornetti, which still makes sense in Italian since they’re like cornetti. Here we call them Cavatappi or Cilentani.


Who are you asking? I think he commented on what I made.

I just thought that was an international name. In german they´re just called “little horns”[lit. trans.].


Really? I think you’re right. You even added some other ingredients to bring your experiments further! It was corn that confused my eyes.


I imagined it like that, because of the beans, corn (and chili).

The last line alludes to that. Googling for Cornetti just brought up croissants (although I’m sure @Gffp will tell us they’re not like croissants at all), so I thought you must have fallen into the same trap as I with my “Macaroni”.