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When is placed Monkey Island 1?


I see. Maybe there is an indication in CMI. Though, it could still be 3020 as well. As long as Stan uses illuminated advertisings, 3014, as Ron wrote, is the most likely year to me. I believe him. :slight_smile:



It means the story is set at least in 1587. But we all know that Curse is a different beast than the first two chapters.


So we can assume that the story/stories has been happened between 1587 and 1727.

Yes. :slight_smile:


That could be 1687 too… hard to tell


Hmmm… maybe you’re right!

The site World of Monkey Island shows some original art from Bill Tiller
look at this:

So there it is definitely a 6.

But if you play the game, (or watch the image I posted before) you see an angle and not a curve as the top part of the second digit. Maybe that was a choice to make more difficult to catch the exact year for a fictional world of pirates… It isn’t better to be vague and dreamy? :stuck_out_tongue:

AI Neural Net upscaling of old pixel backgrounds

Not if you need the exact date for a time machine!


Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?



The Fan Game - Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island
Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood

What a melange of iconic movie cars we have here… the time machine, the General Lee, KITT, Herbie, the bluesmobile, the ECTO1… which more?


@NinjaGamer13 Is there a date on that coin?


Okay, so, reading through this thread, I have a few things to note:

  1. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are set sometime between 1720 and 1750 and even into the 1750’s, so the age of piracy definitely does extend past 1727

  2. Though, according to Wikipedia, the first “modern coin-operated vending machines” were introduced in 1883, “The earliest known reference to a vending machine is in the work of Hero of Alexandria, an engineer and mathematician in first-century Roman Egypt. His machine accepted a coin and then dispensed holy water When the coin was deposited, it fell upon a pan attached to a lever. The lever opened a valve which let some water flow out. The pan continued to tilt with the weight of the coin until it fell off, at which point a counterweight snapped the lever up and turned off the valve.
    Coin-operated machines that dispensed tobacco were being operated as early as 1615 in the taverns of England. The machines were portable and made of brass An English bookseller, Richard Carlile, devised a newspaper dispensing machine for the dissemination of banned works in 1822. Simeon Denham was awarded British Patent no. 706 for his stamp dispensing machine in 1867, the first fully automatic vending machine.” So the grog machine, while still technically anachronistic, still kinda fits in a weird sort of way.

  3. The origins of the rubber chicken are “obscure,” according to Wikipedia, and actual dead chickens were thought to have been used for comedy by jesters, so let’s just pretend the rubber chicken with the pulley in the middle fits, too.

  4. I can’t for the life of me find it now, but I could’ve sworn I had just read in one of the game’s manuals or something the other day something about the setting being during “the Golden Age of Piracy” and I remember them even listing a century, perhaps the 16th…

  5. Wow, a specific year on the coin! So if my theory is correct about the series’ timeline (and I’m pretty sure it is), all the games take place from around 1684-1694!


Except that a coin cannot “coin” the year, but it can set a lower limit to the year events take place.

Perhaps everything just takes place 300 years before the actual games?

Talking about coins: note how the edge of the MI3 golden coin is scraped off by fraudulent pirates


Oh yeah, duh. I didn’t even think about the date it was coined versus how long it may have been circulating… Except that’s not actually a real coin canonically within the world of the game; it’s just a design for the mechanism for controlling Guybrush. So why would we treat it as if it is an actual coin that has been passed around for x years, necessarily? Isn’t it just as likely, as an out-of-universe thing, that it’s stamping the current date for the player?


Okay, some updates:

  1. Though grog is thought to have gotten its name around 1749-1770, according to Wikipedia, that isn’t 100% known, and the beverage itself was drunk long before that, anyway, so I think it’s safe to pretend that all fits non-anachronistically with MI, too. Not to mention the fact that MI’s grog is very different than real-life grog.

  2. I finally found the thing that mentioned when SMI took place! In the original press release for the game, they describe it as “a comedy set during the ‘golden age’ of piracy in the Caribbean.” So that limits us to around 1650-1726, broadly speaking, according to Wikipedia (piracy continues before and after that period, but that specifically is the golden age). Then take into account the coin from CMI, and that brings the earliest possible time for SMI to probably 1684 (or possibly 1683, but I think that doesn’t fit the intended implication of the time jumps in the games). In addition to that, the press release also indicates that Guybrush’s adventure starts in “The late 1600s,” so that means SMI can be no earlier than 1684 and no later than 1699. But it’s probably safe to assume it was also the team’s intention for MI2 to still be in the late 1600’s, too, so, since that game is 3 years after SMI by my calculations, SMI must be within 1684-1696, at least. And if we make the jump to assuming ALL the games are supposed to be in that time frame, since TMI is supposed to be 10 years after SMI (based on developer and in-game comments), that limits it to 1684-1689!

  3. I think the year on the coin is supposed to be the year of CMI. The year ending in 7 seems too specific to just be a coincidence that game was also released on a year ending in 7, so the idea would be that CMI takes place 310 years before its real-world release date. Plus the fact that they just so happened to pick a year that was in the late 1600’s when it was known that the MI games were supposed to take place in the late 1600’s. And it’s not an actual coin in the world of the game, anyway; it’s an out-of-universe design, so why would we assume that it might’ve been coined decades earlier and been in circulation since that until the time of CMI? It seems more likely it’s stamping the current date for the player - plus who’s to say, under the assumption it is a real coin, that it wasn’t coined that year? So that would put CMI - and likely MI2 and EMI, as well, since they’re each 3 months apart from CMI - in the year 1687. SMI would be in 1684, then, and TMI in 1694.

[SMI press release:]


The secret of Monkey Island takes place in 2187. Monkey Island 2 takes place in 2189.


Right around the time of the 17th 1980s retro wave. Which explains Guybrush´s rad mullet.


LOL! Ah of course, that explains the anachronisms!

But in seriousness, is that indirect confirmation that SMI and MI2 actually take place 2 years apart (as opposed to 3), whatever years they take place? ‘Cause I’m taking it as one unless you say otherwise, lol



So Big Whoop Amusement Park is just a virtual reality server that Guybrush and his creepy brother Chuckie are playing on to pass time during their generation ship journey to the Monkey Head Nebula!


In the year twenty-one eighty-nine
Will Guybrush Threepwood finally buy some wine
Or will he still struggle on the Hook Isle line
Because he’s only barely nine…

In the year seventy-five ten
Threepwood’s descendants still won’t be men
They’ll want Elaine, but they’ll get Madeleine
Time and time and time again…


If the secret of monkey Island takes place in 2187 (note the obsession with the number 87!), then the Secret must be that the game is actually part of the Space Quest series and Guybrush is Roger Wilco’s grandfather!