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Which options do you miss in TWP (and other adventure games)?


Sometimes it’s a pain, yeah, but that doesn’t make me feel embarrassed about it :slight_smile:

Most things these days are built for lefties and righties. In fact the only exceptions I’ve come across personally are kiwi sporks and assault rifles.


I actually envy you a bit for being able to accurately air guitar to Hendrix and Sabbath without feeling awkward.



Can’t believe you missed to post a pic of Ian Pace!


Can´t believe you misspelled his name! (though it would be a good name for a drummer).

I assumed people spot left handed guitars and bass guitars easier than left handed drum kits. But I actually did think if including him for a moment.


Heh… kettle … pot… :wink:
Which stays in theme of left handed drummers, too!

Dominic Howard is a lefty drummer too.


True, but in order to settle whom to *beep*, it cannot be anonymous one.


(Stay calm, Milan. No whiteknighting, she can defend herself…)


In the end, everyone ends up equally beeped by Ransome anyway!

The redacted word, clearly, is “insulted” :crazy_face:


Today Ransome would be let go from his circus job because offensive tweets he made four years earlier…


C’mon then! Put 'em up! :boxing_glove: dammit Discourse, why a right-handed glove?!




Thanks :grinning:



He didn’t see that left hook coming, Phil!




As a developer I’d love that but a real debug mode, as in “show hotspots, show paths, enter script commands” and whatever, just to see how the engine works and to mess with it :stuck_out_tongue:

My oldest daughter is left handed. It is quite a pain when she has to use scissors, and she sometimes pulls a Leonardo Da Vinci and begins to write mirrored. She’s also left footed when playing football: are you too?


Yeah, I sympathise. I used to have a pair of left-handed ones for school but it’s always been a nuisance using ‘standard’ ones elsewhere.

There used to be a left-handed shop where my friend lived but it’s shut down now. There are definitely more of us these days (especially since people aren’t being forced to write with their right hand at school anymore), so I guess it’s not really needed. I remember they sold left-handed notebooks with the margin on the other side. I found that a bit odd.

That’s interesting – I don’t think I’ve come across that before. It does make sense though as you wouldn’t smudge anything then. One of my left-handed friends writes with her arm in an upside-down U-shape to avoid smudging.

Yep :slight_smile:

One thing I cannot get out of the habit of is using my middle finger to click my mouse. It’s an Apple magic mouse, so there’s no reason why I can’t use my index finger, but it comes from years of using a mouse with two buttons before you could swap the button functions (or before I – or my teachers – realised you could). I must have a really strong middle finger :laughing:


I once bought a pair of left-handed scissors by accident. Returned it to the shop, as they clearly were “broken” because we couldn’t cut a single thing with them.

Close to where I live, there is a guitar shop with only lefties! Aptly named Lefty’s Guitars (ok, you Larry players should get that one).
Each time I pass there, I get a very unsettling feeling of seeing all that goodness and knowing it’s all not fit for me.

So I sympathise how all “normal” stores must feel for a leftie.


Not sure about Hendrix, but I think he and surely people like Doyle Braham II play left-handed on a right strung guitar.
Sometimes on a left-handed guitar! :exploding_head:


In TWP I missed the non-uniqueness of characters. It takes away replay-ability when you know that no matter which character you use to solve the puzzle the dialogue will be the same.


I find interesting that my daughter also ends up right-clicking everywhere when she uses my PC. I get that the index finger is stronger and therefore it makes more sense to use it as the primary button, but I thought that mouse usage was something “learned”, so if she started from scratch always using the left hand on the mouse but having the primary click on the middle finger, she would just get used to that configuration. Instead, she still right clicks.

As for the mirrored writing, I don’t think it’s done on purpose not to smudge herself, as she doesn’t seem to mind at all when she draws or writes “normally”. But sometimes she zones out while drawing/coloring and when she wants to sign her work she does it mirrored, from right to left. The letters are perfectly mirrored too. And she doesn’t seem to notice. Well, she just learned reading and writing, so maybe it’s OK for her not to notice. Now I want to create an alphabet where all letters are symmetric so lefties can write from right to left.


You can see that in my picture actually (which must have been pretty awkward because that way the lower frets are harder to reach on the strat).