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Which options do you miss in TWP (and other adventure games)?


Is it so? Ransome’s dialogue lines are very different from the others, and Delores’ too.

But it would have been very cool if small segments could be solved differently with each character, like 4/5 different small puzzle chains that all have the same outcome. But that would have made the game even longer.


WOW! That might come in handy very often. :ransome:

Anyway, I’ll tell you one secret… there’s a codified technique to handle regular scissors with your left hand:

It’s like this:

Or like this:

I’ve never tried option 2, but I regularly use option 1 when I need to use my left hand to cut.
Obviously I feel uncomfortable since I’m right handed and that technique isn’t simple, it needs some practice. I bet that if you’re left-handed, you won’t have any problems in learning it, since you’re naturally cleverer than me in using your left hand.


That’s not what I meant. He plays a right handed guitar all right, but the strings are reversed. So the shape of the guitar is uncomfortable. The story goes he learned to play on a right hand guitar, just picking it up and flipping it lefthanded. So all strings end up upside down!
In the picture there, you can clearly see he has his low E on top. And it would be really amazing if you can play it in either configuration of strings!

Doyle Braham II (big Hendrix fan) uses left-handed bodies, but strung right handed. And plays left-handedly. So if you watch him play it is like you look down on what you usually see when you’re playing yourself. Very disorienting! :exploding_head: Also he strums his hard beats upwards in order to hit the thicker string first.


Ok, now we definitely need a Lefty thread :slight_smile:


But so they should write reversed words!! it isn’t easy, if you’re not possessed by the devil or if your’re not Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Yeah I know he pulled up the strings reverse, too. Which is something most about everyone would recommend not to do because of the stress it would cause on the neck that is not build for it. He must at least have reverse the bridge somehow to even fit the strings in that way.


I love that she signs her work, and that she does it that way. It’s obviously instinctive for her.

Hm, that looks awkward but maybe I’ll try it! Perhaps not on anything important though :wink:


Maybe when you become mayor of New Thuddelsburry* and cut the ribbon to open the new town hall…

*completly randomly made up english town name pulled from outta my arse.


Mhm… so better I don’t explain you on WHAT that technique was originally supposed to be used :smiley:

Maybe this variation (even if unofficial) is easier to perform


Haha, imagine the anticlimax when the ribbon just bends awkwardly.

Well funnily enough I was going to say it reminds me of a doctor doing a surgical procedure, as they tend to hold them like that (I’ve been watching a lot of ER). With that in mind I might save your link until I’m not at work :wink:


Interesting… well, for guitar players


I still find Tony Iommi´s origin story to be hugely inspiring!


Only using the left hand. But it is a fancy movement, so no surprise it’s used in movies :slight_smile:
The link is SFW, it’s just a hand holding scissors backwards.


My favorite one is William Campbell. Not only he had to learn to talk and sing like Paul, he also had to learn to play left handed! That’s some real dedication.



That would be a nice addition to my myth thread actually. I saw a talk with Jimmy Page a while back where he said that it might have been the Paul Is Dead thing that might have prompted people to search for backwards message in all sorts of records even Zeppelin´s.
When asked about how and if making backwards messages like the alledged one in Stairway To
Heaven was possible he just laughed replied:“Gee, you know it is hard enough to begin with to produce a song FORWARDS, you know”


He also set his his guitar on fire, so I don’t think he cared too much about that. (Even then, the total stress stays the same)


To sum up the current discussion: TWP needs a “left/right hand” option for all characters.


You’re right. I still feel it is not enough, specially with Ray & Reyes.


A mouse is the one thing I’ll use with my right hand, and never thought strange of that. What I did find strange, however, was a guy at the place where I used to job besides university, who used the mouse with his left hand although being right-handed. Whenever I had to do stuff on his PC it got really awkward, having to grab the mouse with the right hand across the keyboard (can’t remember if he’d also reversed the buttons).

Hm. Just noticed that I’d instinctively grab scissors with my right hand too. That’s something I hadn’t paid any attention to before. Maybe I’ve picked the wrong option in the poll after all.


You can change your decision.