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Which options do you miss in TWP (and other adventure games)?


Do I look like a politician to you? :smile:

Besides, I cannot write with my right hand, at least not in a way that allowed me to parse the writing afterwards. So ambidexter is surely out of question.


Oh, you haven’t voted for me already?


Yay, a fellow leftie :slightly_smiling_face:

At first I used it in my right hand because that’s how it was set up for us at school. Maybe you had a similar thing?

I know lefties who write with their left hand but do everything else with their right. It’s probably just easier I guess, as that’s how a lot of things are set up by default, and also how a right-handed person would show you when learning things.


I didn’t get near a computer at school until well after I’d already taught myself how to program. And I think those we did get to use eventually didn’t even have a mouse :slight_smile:.

But you are right in that my Amiga at home was set up with the mouse on the right side, and I’m not sure if the position of ports and length of cable would have allowed any different setup. Add to that that moving a mouse around must be fairly simple compared to the motions you have to go through in order to achieve legible writing. So I guess there never was a need to change once I had been accustomed to mousing about with right.


I think the hand you write with is a good indication. I can also use my left hand to control the mouse or analog sticks on a game controller.


People used to get forced into writing with the right hand. That included being beaten on them. So many people write with their right hand because they were forced into learning it that way but do everything else according to their nature, and what feels better to them.


I use my mouse any which way. However, standard keyboards are clearly made for left-handed mouse use. The most sensible setup is to stick a trackball on either side.

F*ck mice. Or at least clicking and moving need to be decoupled. I would buy this in a heartbeat if it weren’t as much as entire mechanical keypads and if it weren’t missing a variety of expected mouse buttons:

Everybody does. Scissors are right-handed unless you go out of your way to find special ones, and you (or at least I) spent days cutting up all kinds of stuff with right-handed scissors as a toddler.

I’m definitely left-handed. But some people seem to think that means I prefer my left hand for everything, whereas my right hand is more the dumb strong one whereas my left hand is the precision worker. Do right-handed people not have that?

Hence my dad writes right-handed.


So does mine, but he always insist to have his @tasse-tee on the left side.


Yeah, like my mom’s favourite picture dictionary :blush:. That’s why you don’t let kids play with scissors!


Good boys don´t run with scissors


Yeah, I mentioned that earlier - I’m glad it doesn’t happen anymore. My dad was forced to write right-handed but he still ended up being a leftie (he did write atrociously though). I think that’s the last generation where they did that.

Are they? There are a lot of shortcuts on the left area that you’re supposed to use in conjunction with the mouse, which as a leftie I find really awkward. I am mostly thinking of Adobe InDesign which is a bit niche, but still.


Yeah, I think I had at least one or two lefties in class when I was at school, and nobody said anything. We can be glad our parent´s generation changed that (among other things).


I’m being facetious of course, although I don’t really know what you mean, but with the numpad in the way you pretty much have no option but to put either your mouse or your keyboard quite wrong or both half wrong. Even with TKL that’s still a bit of an issue.


But would you need to use the number pad and mouse at the same time much? Or do you just mean in terms of arrangement on the desk?


I don’t really know what you mean by the former since it’s not really more or less than any other part of the keyboard, but the latter is definitely true.

Keyboards are grossly unbalanced to the right, ISO even worse than US-ANSI, just in the “regular” part of them. I’m sure the decision to stick all kinds of extra junk on the right predates the mouse.

My mom always used (and still uses) her calculator on the left. Even after 20+ years of having a computer with a numpad on the right she has trouble using that one. I go both ways, though for obvious reasons I’m still better with right. Some things were unintentionally better in the '70s and '80s.

(Completely different make and model, same principle.)


My mom had a magnet on our fridge that said:

Probably got it from stupid Flanders’ Leftorium :fist_left:



Leisure Suit Larry 7 and Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon had this terrific GUI: when you clicked on an object, it gave you a list of actions which was different for each object, and if you didn’t find the one you wanted, you could type it in. This really gives you a sense of free will, and in my opinion, it has broad possibilities for both hidden Easter Eggs (there were some in LSL7) activated by atypical actions, and for multipath walkthrough.

I haven’t seen it in any other games, and I believe its potential hasn’t been used fully.


Oh no, now @seguso will write like 27 posts about the perfect GUI! :laughing:


And that’s the reason why they are making assault rifles for right-handed people only, so the left-handed cannot revolt.

And since this thread is about game options:

Just set cl_righthand to 0 and you will have perfectly mirrored assault rifles for your enjoyment!


There are several other games with a similar UI, for example “Cruise for a Corpse”.

If you are interested in: We have discussed that kind of GUI in several other threads, for example here and here. (That’s why @Guga joked about it. :slight_smile: )