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Who wrote what lines?


Oh, I sure can!

:fearful: wait what were we talking about again?


I believe we were about to find the ultimate answers to these questions:

  • Why is there something rather than nothing?
  • Is our universe real?
  • Do we have free will?
  • Can you really experience anything objectively?

But I guess we got distracted.


Hmm, makes you think…


It would be great if @jenn and @RonGilbert could pop down to offer any recollections, then we’d have all four writers having given their own embellishments of the writing responsibilities!


If you don’t think of them as 0/1, false/true, you’ll be more true to truth.

That’s the second worst representation of the Myth of the cave by Plato I’ve ever seen.


It’s a meta-allegory. :wink:


My goal with the writing on TWP was to hire really great people I trusted so I could screw around and not do very much real work. It’s the secret to great project management.


We’ve already had two staff testimonies that elude to the fact that you did actually write a lot of the dialog :wink:


You could contribute a lot in the form of ideas, outlines and first drafts (“screw around”) without doing the bulk of the actual (re)writing, editing and cutting.


Maybe Ron has paid them for their statements…? :thinking:


I remember @jenn telling me she wrote a lot of Franklin, including his ghostly verb options, when I met her at the London event.

And continuing what @RonGilbert said about hiring smart talented people, I remember being impressed and thinking @jenn fit that bill during our brief chat. Clearly a well put together team behind TP!


The real question on kids’ minds today is:
Do we have free wifi?


Let’s just quote you on that for eternity! :slight_smile:


That is the proof it was done right! It would feel wrong if one could tell by the style change that dialog was written by different people.


I’m also interested in who designed which puzzles! E.g. did @David design any of the puzzles?


I spawned the idea for the tallness of the Occult bookstore.


I thought it was “just” a trope. Nice job!



Heh, one of @RonGilbert’s supposedly infamous typos. :slight_smile:


No. He meant exactly that. He is comically tall, now.