Wordle - I know tomorrow's word!

Do you play WORDLE ?

Well, if you are a regular player, check this out.
Monkey Island 2 had an alternative alley, where instead of the lucky number, you can get the right word.
Don’t believe it?

You’ll see tomorrow! :sunglasses: Guaranteed!


Well at least I have 1 “genius” now


If this is HINTS…
…what’s this?

OK, now that you know it’s reliable, here is tomorrow’s word! :sunglasses:

Only for you: In 554 days from today, the word will be SUSHI

Yesterday evening I had HUMOR. Not sure if I’d been too early or too late (or had the wrong website).

At least now I know what that thing is that I keep hearing news about (“Wordle clones removed from App stores”, “Twitter bot spoiling next day’s Wordle” - guess that’s what this is based on, “Wordle bought by NYT”, etc.). Though I’m hardly impressed. It’s Mastermind with a hint of Scrabble. I’ll keep to Sudoku …

I can’t play Wordle anymore, as it would be just downhills from here:


I was kinda hoping you knew someone on Tonga to leak the new word.
But I guess they have other things on their mind right now.

It is actually both and a long running TV show (Lingo) over here.
The best thing about wordle is the 1 word a day limit so you simply cannot waste too much time on it (even not when playing it in a few languages and with different lenghts)

Now, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken if you’d knew what Terrible Toybox’s next game is going to be - that would be really impressive :wink:


You haven’t been told?
Who left Sushi out of the circle?


Rather in the sink.


Here short running. :wink: But the (German) C64 game was very popular back then.


Anyway, the leak comes from a @Guga discovery.
If you show the Wordle’s page source code, you’ll get a javascript file, and if you look in it, you’ll find a complete list of words.

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I know, of course :smirk::sunglasses: Not sure to be allowed to leak that confidential information right here. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t monkey around.

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If you show the GrumpyGamer page source code, you’ll get a javascript file, and if you look in it, you’ll find the complete list of colours of Ron’s underwear day by day. And of Ron’s games to be published from here to 2097.

MI3a is scheduled on april 1st, 2066


That’s for his upcoming game, Wearle, due out on 10.11.2022, as the file also shows.

Shit. I’ll be dead in 2050.
Ron should be 102 years old by the time of release.

I was quite confident I’d stil been alive by 2050. Until I had offspring.


After the discovery of the Wordle’s word list, I went back to playing honestly, just for fun.
However, I had never heard today’s word.
I looked for the Italian translation, and I never heard the Italian word either!

And you? Did you know today’s Wordle word?

Wordle 242 6/6


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My goal is to live to be 127. I don’t know if I’ll manage.

Why not 127 and three month?

I don’t play Wordle - I didn’t even knew the words in the screenshots that I’ve seen. :joy: