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Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood


And to remain OT, I’d like to dedicate this fine song to team Eng Land:


Hm… maybe we should create a beard thread? :thinking: It seems to be an interesting topic!

What are(n’t) you shaving right now?

I dare you to call it “What are(n’t) you shaving right now?”

What are(n’t) you shaving right now?


@Calypso: Maybe you can move our last posts about beards to the other thread? :slight_smile:


great show. I miss it. Cliffhanger with no conclusion


RIP Dolores. :frowning:


Easily one of my favourite tunes of all time.


And with beards! :wink:

My tune of the day:


I made myself a playlist of some of my favourite power ballads on spotify, and I think it´s the most amazing thing. :hugs:


Power ballads? :slight_smile: Can you give some more examples?


That definition is really a bit difficult. I think it originated sometimes in 70s and during the 80s it was generally associated with ballads made by metal bands, which is largly what this is.

No idea if you can see that without an account or not:


I love power ballads. I’ve bookmarked that :point_up:


No, one need an account.




I´ll try and think of something.


yt playlist:


Oh, missed this. Is this the power ballad playlist? :slightly_smiling_face:

I just need to empty some rage then I’ll listen to it.


Yeah added everything to YouTube again extra for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Listening to it now on my walk home. Like when friends used to give each other mixed tapes :grinning: I don’t know the first two songs so far but they’re good.

I’m purposely not looking ahead so each song is eine surprisentuchen.


I used to love making those! :slightly_smiling_face:

But oh no, I didn’t make this specially for you and now I’m afraid you’ll find some of those too cheesy! :see_no_evil: